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  • Dance Party:

    Day of the Week: Thurday at 16:00 GMT+0
    Location: Mani-San Mountain
    How to go: Speak with the Archer Guardian to be teleported to the Event Map.
    About: Players should make groups of 6 people and plan a choreography to present at the Event. The group with the best choreography and synchronization will win.
    1st Place: 25.000 Tec Ponts
    2nd Place: 15.000 Tec Points
    3rd Place: 10.000 Tec Points

  • The epic natural disasters are coming back to Metin2 SG next Saturday, December 17th @ 18:00 GMT!

    TYPHOON, EARTHQUAKE & VOLCANO are going to swept across your worst nightmare! Be prepared for Team Disasters as they enter your virture world to leave you a horrible & excruciating pain you can never forget.

    On Saturday at 18:00 GMT, the mighty guilds in this server may send 5 of your best heroes to challenge the A Team known as Disasters. Members of Disasters are Typhoon, EarthQuake & Volcano.

    A brief introduction of Disasters as follows:
    1. Typhoon - Level 104 Lightning Mage
    2. EarthQuake - Level 103 Body Warrior
    3. Volcano - Level 105 Black Magic Sura
    Members of Disasters are heavily armed with super godly pawnage equipment which can rip open your small little crack and leaving you sore fingers while hitting aggressively the hot keys on your keyboard.

    Challengers may come forward to taste your ultimate defeat. The objectives of the event as follows:
    • If your guild can achieve 10/100 kill

  • Dear Players,

    On Sunday, December 18th, we will hold Fishing Extravaganza Event for those who love to fish.

    A random map will be selected where you are able to fish.
    All you have to do is to grab your Fishing Pole, some bait and start fishing during 1 hour.
    For every fish you catch you get a certain amount of points and a certain amount of gold. The player with the most point count will be the winner.

    - You are NOT allowed to kill other players;
    - You are NOT allowed to use third party programs (actually it's a rule applied for the whole game);
    - You CAN open your fishes after you caught them;
    - You CAN fish with more than one account;
    - You are NOT allowed to summon monsters, bosses, or open Boxes / Chests that may summon monsters or bosses;
    - To register for the event you can post your name in this thread.

    Points and Gold Rewards:

    Fish Name
    Crucian Carp
    Mandarin Fish
    Grass Carp
    Brook Trout
  • Dear Players,

    PvM King Event will take place next Saturday, December 10th.
    You can use this thread to register yourself, if you want to join the event.
    Write your name, level and kingdom.

    • You have to finish task in order to advance to the next one
    • If you are killed during the first two tasks, you are automaticly disqualified from further competition
    • Outside Buffs are strictly forbidden
    • You are allowed to use alchemy pots, item mall pots, pendants, pierce/critical palms, bravery capes
    • You are not allowed to be in party with others during your turn.
    • Players can not borrow gear to others, we will track it down by logs
    • Players can not join with more than one character for whole competition.

    • 1st place: 50.000 TEC Points & Hero Certificate
    • 2nd place: 25.000 TEC Points & Gold Certificate
    • 3rd place: 10.000 TEC Points & Silver Certificate
    • 4th place: Hermit Advice x 3 & Bronze Certificate

    Each Category has a certain time to be started:
    • Category 1: 13:00 GMT +0
    • Category 2: 15:00

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