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  • New

    Hey guys,

    This week you can give us again your lucky numbers.
    We changed a bit the rewards. Now if you guess only one number you still get a reward.
    The rules are the same, all you have to do is try to guess a key of numbers.
    The key of numbers has five numbers that go from 1 to 50 and 2 aditional numbers that go from 1 to 10.

    - Choose a key of 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 aditional numbers from 1 to 10.
    - Send me a private message with your key of numbers. I remind everyone that I only accept keys sent to my Inbox of Private Messages.
    - Your reward will be given according the numbers you guessed correctly.

    1st Place: 5 Numbers + 2 Stars - 50.000 TP
    2nd Place: 5 Numbers + 1 Star - 25.000 TP
    3rd Place: 5 Numbers + 0 Stars - 10.000 TP
    4th Place: 4 Numbers + 2 Stars - 1x Random Costume PvM Costume
    5th Place: 4 Numbers + 1 Star - 3x Quest Potion
    6th Place: 4 Numbers + 0 Stars - 1x Enhance Change Scroll
    7th Place: 3 Numbers + 2 Stars - 1x Eek's Ring
    8th Place: 2 Numbers…
  • Dear Player,

    PvM King Event will take place next Sunday, October 16th.
    You can use this thread to register yourself, if you want to join the event.
    Write your name, level and kingdom.

    • You have to finish task in order to advance to the next one
    • If you are killed during the first two tasks, you are automaticly disqualified from further competition
    • Outside Buffs are strictly forbidden
    • You are allowed to use alchemy pots, item mall pots, pendants, pierce/critical palms, bravery capes
    • You are not allowed to be in party with others during your turn.
    • Players can not borrow gear to others, we will track it down by logs
    • Players can not join with more than one character for whole competition.

    • 1st place: 50.000 TEC Points & Hero Certificate
    • 2nd place: 25.000 TEC Points & Gold Certificate
    • 3rd place: 10.000 TEC Points & Silver Certificate
    • 4th place: Hermit Advice x 3 & Bronze Certificate

    Each Category has a certain time to be started:
    • Category 1: 13:00 GMT +0
    • Category 2: 15:00 GMT+0
  • Dear Players,

    we will perform a maintenance in few hours with some important changes on the gameplay. Yesterday was the 7th year of Metin2 SG (Commercialization date) and we believe the current settings of the server are too harsh and grinding for the new players. We made some radical changes on the low levels aspect mainly and some improvement on the poorly done game interface and other ingame feature that were not explained ingame, but most of the time explained by me or other members of the team.

    The changes we did are the following:

    Game Interface:

    • Main quests scrolls are now yellow
    • The first of the main quests will blink
    • Most of the low level quest scrolls will show what reward you can get from them
    • Chaegirab displays the time left to deliver the next bio quest items now (rounded by hours)
    • Replaced the chaotic sentences on the skill books with a real timer
    • Monster's level is now written near their name along with a symbol in case they are Aggro

    Game Changes:

    1. Raised the
  • Hey guys,

    During this month we decided to make a Fishing Screenshot Contest.

    All you have to do is:
    • Grab a Fishing Pole and choose a Fishing Spot.
    • Get some bait and start Fishing.
    • Take a screenshot of the biggest fish you catch and post it here on this thread.

    • You can add as many screenshots as you want in this thread, only the screenshot with the biggest fish will count.
    • The screenshot must show the name of your character and the description of the fish with his length information. Additionally, write me here the day it was caught.
    • Keep the fishes in your inventory, to trade with me at the end of the event.

    • The player that shows me a screenshot with the Biggest Fish during this month will receive 20.000 Tec Points.

    If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to send me a private message or reply in this thread.

    Happy Fishing!

    Kind Regards,
    Metin2 SG Team

  • Hey guys,

    The 7th Anniversary of our Server is coming soon, and to celebrate it with you guys we decided to make a special event both In Game and in our Forum, as well.

    During 3 days you will be able to drop Anniversary Boxes and Lottery Tickets.
    These 2 items can be dropped with any level in any monsters.

    In addition, during these 3 days there will be some special events:
    Day 1:
    • DT Run: 12:00 GMT (2 rounds)
    • Hunter's Hour + Gold Fever: 16:00 GMT
    • Vein Spawn: 20:00 GMT

    Day 2:
    • Special Shop: 12:00 GMT
    • Metin Spawn: 16:00 GMT
    • Budokan PvP Event: 17:00 GMT
    • OX Event: 20:00 GMT (3 rounds)

    Day 3:
    • Tanaka Hunt + Gold Fever: 12:00 GMT
    • Siege War: 14:00 GMT
    • Football Fiesta: 16:00 GMT
    • Boss Spawn: 20:00 GMT

    All the normal events schedueled for these days will be canceled.

    The rewards of the In-Game Lottery Event will be:

    • 1st Place: 300.000 Tec Points
    • 2nd Place: 200.000 Tec Points
    • 3rd Place: 100.000 Tec Points
    • 4th Place: 70.000 Tec Points
    • 5th Place: 50.000 Tec Points

    • Day 1: Screenshot

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  • luk96 -

    Liked KouritoC’s post in the thread Item searcher on shops (market).

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    You can make an item searcher on the market ,for example... you are on v3 you want to buy passages-capes-rings etc you just press this item and you search on the shops for the item you want, at the top there will be the cheapest etc. In that way you make…
  • luk96 -

    Replied to the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

    Quote from Ketina: “No, we dont need new stones. . . And no we dont need 4x page inventory. ” nothing pleases ketina. I'm right or wrong? xD :S
  • luk96 -

    Liked Shadow’s post in the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

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    Quote from Dracori: “To the guys talking about the pages: Why don't you make a thread ?? I don't understand why post a suggestion in another... I think you guys will be more seen creating a own thread And yes , I do agree with that too To @Hebbii All…
  • luk96 -

    Liked KyoV’s post in the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

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    Of course we need more inventory pages. It's very frustrating when you have to recal every 15 minutes .. I really don't see any reason why we shouldn't have more inventory pages....
  • luk96 -

    Liked KouritoC’s post in the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

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    Quote from KyoV: “MYzmRcw.png is all what we need :ninja: ” +1 +1 +1 :DDD ;)
  • luk96 -

    Liked KyoV’s post in the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

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    MYzmRcw.png is all what we need :ninja:
  • luk96 -

    Liked BuffMausal’s post in the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

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    +1 :)
  • Shadow -

    Replied to the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

    New things that are not used never attracts anybody. We inserted the stone of magical attack because the MP are useless on this game and because precisly the melee class are stronger. The dispel stone is not a disrespect to suras, but i can imagine a…
  • KillerBambi -

    Replied to the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

    Quote from KyoV: “MYzmRcw.png is all what we need :ninja: ” You have 2 inventories and shopbox (you can always use it). Return scrolls are almost free for stack of 200 you pay only 5kk. No need for 4 inventories imo
  • Dracori -

    Replied to the thread [FEATURE] New Spirit Stones.

    My only intention in suggesting, was rightly attract new players As I said, the new stones were going to be something unique to this server I never thought they would "kill" other stones '~' or just be soo useless , they would only be varieties . I'm…