[CONTEST] Video of the Month - Valentines's Day

Thu, Feb 18th 2016, 11:59pm - Sun, Feb 28th 2016, 11:59pm

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  • Hey guys,

    Every month I will be holding a Video Contest.

    Since this month we had Valentine's Day and since we are holding some of events related to it, this month for the Video Contest, I will be asking you to make a video with a story about this special occasion. So, be creative and show us the best love story you can think of.

    - The images and recordings should be taken from our server.
    - You shouldn't use any copyrighted material.
    - It should be a newly made video. If you need TEC Interactive and Metin2 SG logos, you can send me a Private Message asking for them.
    - In case you use background music, it should be free music. Don't use copyrighted songs.

    I remind everyone that whoever uses copyrighted music or other material will be disqualified from this contest and will not receive the 5.000 TP or the final reward.

    For this contest there will be one winner which will be voted by the team. However the number of forum likes each video has may influence the vote of the team.

    - 50.000 TPs

    I will also reward every participant with 5.000 TPs.

    Give us your best and most original videos.
    We will take into consideration your creativity, originality, video quality and music choice.

    Good luck guys!

    Kind Regards,

    Credits: Meyana

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Comments 2

  • bvbthomas -

    I Got a Video just finished it today but i cant manage to upload it on Youtube today, i really spend much time for it, is it ok if i send it in tomorrow? :) The video is ready but it would take 90 minutes to upload on youtube so i cant manage it today cause i have school tomorrow, would be nice of you if i could hand it in tomorrow :D

    • Tary -

      You have until tomorrow morning (9:00 AM) to upload it then :)
      Good luck!

      Kind Regards,