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  • TomyMontana

    heya nabzzzz

  • SirPic

    Keyboard Killers

  • Mighty007

    Ask LaceX

  • Sedentarius

    Mighty007 what is a keyboard killer?

  • Mighty007

    really i thought the keyboard Kilers are online 24/7

  • Lacex54

    This nature2k 24/7 online on forum

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    hey <3 <3

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    hey girls <3

  • Degmond

    shadow said they'd be removed, can't see a reason to rage rly

  • Lyetta

    no deary @[GM]Kovach, I didn't and won't buy the pet. Now I'm gonna cry in the corner of my room.

  • [GM]Kovach

    Lyetta if you bought the pet with tp's, you should have it in your Mall Storage!

  • bombardieru


  • Lyetta

    the pet*. Again, I'm sorry for that. I didn't even wanted to insult you at all. xD

  • Lyetta

    Overall I couldn't get the mount because the quest just expired and I rage-yelled everything and I got a very justified ban, it was a very nice event. :D

  • Tjepper

    :thumbsup: Thanks for the event

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Server on. The event is also over

  • Nicki Minaj

    lol wat

  • Moise Rares

    boy with gf looking for a 2nd one, please pm me.

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    Hi :)

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    Hello :)

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[color=#FF0000][/color]Dear players, In celebration of the [b][i][color=#FF0000]Olympics of RIO 2016[/color][/i][/b], [u]from Saturday 13 to Saturday 20 of this month,[/u] a new quest will be available for all players from level 30. What is this quest about? During this time, all players will have a new quest: [img='http://image.prntscr.com/image/3b636078f769449798b6541d03040798.png',none,230][/img] In this quest, the player must talk with[b] [color=#00FF00]Yu-hwan[/color][/b], the npc located [b][color=#00FF00]on the second village of each kingdom[/color][/b]. In this quest you must collect [color=#40E0D0]M[/color][b][color=#40E0D0]edal's Pieces [/color]'killing any mob between your level (+/- 10) and more than level 30[/b]. These pieces are [b][color=#FF0000]stackable[/color][/b] and [b][color=#FF0000]tradable[/color][/b], and[color=#00FF00] once you collect the 5 different parts, the player must bring it to Yu-hwan to get a reward.[/color] [img]http://image.prntscr.com/image/38e93b4c697848709329dc3042431261.png[/img] The reward for this quest is the[color=#40E0D0][b] Hero's medal[/b][/color] (see the picture below) and a chest based on your character's genre, [b][color=#40E0D0]Athena's Chest[/color][/b] if is female [color=#40E0D0][b]Milon's Chest[/b][/color] if is male. You can continue doing the quest over and over to collect more chests, the Hero's medal is a one time only reward. Don't worry about which one is the best, both chests contain the same items, only some items which require a certain genre are changed, so male players can't receive female items. Please, take note that [b][u][color=#FF0000]Hero's Medal countdown start after getting it[/color][/u][/b], just after finish the first quest and also the Milon's Chests can only be opened by male characters. [u][color=#FF0000]Y[/color][color=#FF0000]ou can't open a Milon's Chest with a female character or an "Athena's Chest" with a male.[/color][/u] [img]http://image.prntscr.com/image/e1d8ffcdfdd54301890584296bd576a8.png[/img] Besides this quest, there will be also another exciting things during this Olympics: [color=#00FF00][b][i]There will be events every day at 3 p.m. GMT: [/i][/b][b]Sumo Ring, Horse Race or Budokan[/b][/color] Keep in mind that [color=#FF0000]each IP can participate only once[/color]. The winners of these events [color=#40E0D0]will get points alongside the usual prices for these events.[/color] These winners will be on the forum [color=#00FFFF]and will contribute with points to their kingdom. [/color]Depending of the event, players will receive different points. All the information about how many points players will score, will be explained on the Kingdom's Olympic thread. [b][color=#00FF00]On Friday, from 3 P.M there will be all three events: Sumo, Horse Race and Budokan.[/color][/b] After these Events are over [color=#00FFFF]chances to drop the event chest pieces will be increased[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]for the rest of the weekend [/color]and there will be a combined Metin and Boss spawn so players can immediately start using the increased drop [color=#FFFFFF]The big event on Friday[/color][color=#00FFFF] gives twice the amount of points[/color] for each event [color=#00FFFF]and the regular event rewards are also increased by 100%[/color] [color=#00FFFF]The kingdom with the most points will receive 50% experience bonus, second and third receive 25%[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]The players who get more points for their kingdom [/color][color=#00FFFF]will receive rewards[/color], which will be: First - 100.000 TP Second - 50.000 TP Third - 25.000 TP If you have at least 1 point you get 5.000 TP. [b][color=#00FF00]Random Metin Spawn, Boss Spawn, Find The GM and Quiz Events will be held.[/color][/b] We wish you a very exciting hunting! [i]The Metin2 SG Team[/i]