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  • Found Account Seller

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  • What happens if?

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    You are incorrect. The whole system was created to prevent the user from accidentally killing his own items. The sharing is never and never will be tollerated here and we will never do something to make the sharing viable. You are the only one who should use your accounts. The bind system was created so that you can't roll or sell or trade by mistake items that are, for you, priceless. You can still drop them if you are negative, otherwise it would bypass the whole purpose of the negative karma …

  • Metin Hunter Ranklist

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  • Both advice and rule. Whenever there are elections for the monarch the candidates demands us to check if someone voted more than 2 times. If the players consider unfair using more than 2 accounts to cast a vote, I don't see why it shouldn't be fair to use more than 2 to upgrade. Not to mention we had several issues with players who used a lot of accounts on DTS, from being blamed because they lagged (pointless to explain what happen to a client of Metin2 who stays idles, even more 10 clients), f…

  • You can always fill a report against him and if it is correct we punish the player

  • Two characters are more than enough.

  • Ban

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    You were banned because you open countless shops against Muslim or Islam in general. You then switched to that nazi camp for some weird reason and we gently asked you to stop because this is a game. If you want to discuss of history or war crimes, open a blog and do it there. There was no need to insult us and hence you are banned. For your information we don't have a German on the team, but still we do not tollerate racism against any religion or country. Farewell

  • We need informations on what kind of system you use. If you have the same error just click on send report so we can see why you get that error.

  • And as already stated, there are items that raise this chance, but are items that can be dropped only from high levels, the class that should use those stones. If you want to use those stones at your level you can do it, but you have to risk to spend a lot of golds.

  • So what you are saying is that since you failed a lot of stones we should do something about it? Then when you will not get 50% average on your fms / poison by rolling we should do something about it? Then what else? We are not baby sitters, the game is designed this way, fail and fail and fail and we already helped the players by raising the success, obviously at the level THAT WE THINK IS CORRECT. You are all free to play the way you want as we are free to manage the game in the way we believe…

  • Quote from Gauss: “@Shadow In my humble opinion metin2 is a great game with an unique free pvp and other cool ideas those I like so much (otherwise I would not spend my time playing it and trying to change it), but it has some obsolete mechanics, far from perfection, those should be reworked in 2017, without compromising the core game. If I could completely agree on fact of limiting stones per level even if is too late now as you said, I don't agree on the fact of +6 stones, because this is true…

  • During the last 4 years we made several changes and tweeks to improve the game experience for the players and also to lower the pay to win setting that this game has. Thanks to the tradable mall ingame, any player, maller or not maller, can enjoy and reach end game content and we believe we adapted this old game to some of the new standards for a MMO. However what we didn't and what we will never do is to change the identity of the game and we believe that the upgrade system is a vital and uniqu…

  • Quite the opposite, you are the living proof, despite spending money, your accounts were banned because you simply broke the rules and not because you shared accounts here and there We do not support sharing but we do not ban players for sharing, unless the account break our rules, but this is obvious. Refrain from making posts containing plain lies, they make you look like a hater.

  • Of course you can, if you think you are lucky enough. The rolling is the same as it was, you simply can see what the new bonus will be and choose. You can't choose the bonus you will get.

  • You can see what the next roll of dice will be and you can choose to either keep the old bonus the item had, or change to the new bonus the system gave you.

  • Dear Players, with today's maintenance the General Store will sell two new items, Reset Costume Bonus and Change Costume Bonus. The Reset Costume Bonus may raise the number of the bonus up to a max of 3 bonus on the Costume or Hairstyle. There is only 10% chance that 3 bonus appears on a Costume/Hair while using this particular item. The Change Costume Bonus simply rolls the bonus of a Costume/Hair Not all Costume/Hairs can be rolled/reseted but those who can will have 8% vs monster and 500 Max …

  • Quote from Angel of the Day: “Wow is he really a hacker ? ” If you want to call hacker a "person who download a program that fish for him" then yes he is It is since 2013 that he is banned, seems certain persons will never learn

  • Clams are worthless if your account gets banned due to fish bot. Next time play fair, even if it is since 2013 that you create bots that are periodicaly banned after few hours from their creation. Thanks

  • Removable Poly

    Shadow - - Suggestions


    That item was created with the intention of granting a second upgrade on the Tower, for those who were willing to use time to fish. I don't understand why calling bug something that was created for that purpose and works as intended. Also what is so hard to understand that bugs that gives you an unfair advantages are stricly forbidden?

  • [GUIDE] Erebus Run

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    No we need time to balance and to decide how the run should be since we do things with the head and not with the thoughts on the wallet Anyway since you quit and since you spend all your time roaming on the forums insulting both players and admins, I have decided to kill your forum and ingame account. Goodbye