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  •…70c199c74d6d69b1212d1aaae These are the items. you will have to click the image for clearer view. thanks. message here or in game name is the same either way.

  • Buy [HTN +9] [5 demi res] pvp

    Gingerk1dd - - Buy


    I am looking for HTN+9 with mystic 5 demi res and pvp stats. the necky I have now is 2k hp 10 sword 15 2 hand 10 dagger , I want one better some where around 15 sword 10-15 sura res 15 2 hand 15 dagger or some combo of the stats. can PM here or in game In game name is same as forum ty. I have M 1 language so if you don't please use lang ring.

  • Quote from Tary: “Quote from PrincePersia: “its Ok ? ” You forgot to add #letsplaymetin2sg Quote from Gingerk1dd: “Heres mine ” the content is hidden ” I fixed it

  • Heres mine…51.100000707979501&type=3

  • You removed my payment method and now I'm forced to pay more for the saem amount of Tp I was getting thanks to exchange rates. I am disappointed. it could not have come at a worse time to as I was going to be purchasing TP soon.

  • Quote from Aku: “Quote from Gingerk1dd: “i purchase the costumes for the vs monster bonus and the hair style simply for looks. If there was a vs monster hair style id buy that too xD. ” There is a vs monster hair style. ” I meant permanent

  • i purchase the costumes for the vs monster bonus and the hair style simply for looks. If there was a vs monster hair style id buy that too xD.

  • In game partner

    Gingerk1dd - - General



  • In game partner

    Gingerk1dd - - General


    bump...bump bump it up!

  • In game partner

    Gingerk1dd - - General


    Looking for some one to play the game with (no outside relationship wanted) just looking for some one around my level(83 soon to be 86) that is also looking for some one to play with I personally don't care what class you are but buffing mage or even a healing mage would work best for farming scenarios but as I said I don't care, I am a weaponry sura that is still working on skills and gear. I currently have 1 P 1 G2 and the rest are M7 -m8. If you are interested in a GAME ONLY partner ship mess…

  • SELL Ghost Plate Armor+9 full stats

    Gingerk1dd - - Sell


    might want to take a btter screen cant read stats.

  • That is not the only account I have lost thanks yo this system.

  • I think we should have the option to turn off lock and recovery if we choose so. I just recently had to step away from the game for an extended amount of time and several of my accounts where locked and use an email I can no longer log into and it never had a recovery email or questions set to it. I am sure I'm not the only one who has had this issue or one similar. Maybe instead of turning it off completely you can give us the option of using security questions we write/pick instead of email un…

  • Quote from Shadow: “This quest is unique to this server, you can't find it on another wiki because we are the only one who has it. We search players who can program the wiki using media wiki or similiar programs but sadly we found nobody who was really committed to it. ”

  • Quote from Shadow: “There are 5 skeletons, talk to all 5 first, then kill heavens golems for the rest of the pages. ” Ty I looked up a wiki on another metin page because this ones wiki doesnt have it and it said 4 skeletons. Could a wiki be added here?

  • I am trying to finish this quest but can not get any further I have collected 4 pages from the 4 sura bodies and cant find any more info on wiki as the quest is not there. Can some one please help me.

  • Price check pvm fms+9

    Gingerk1dd - - Price Check


    I have a FMS+9 with 32% average damage, 20% undead, 10% animal, 5% slow, monster and deathblow +4, 5% mystic monster. How much is this worth?

  • Quote from Shadow: “If we are speaking about SG accounts, like MY SG account for YOUR SG account, then is legal. However we do not want to be involved on it and you do it at your own risk. It means that we don't want to hear the following requests 1) Pleaseeeee change my mail now cause i made a trade and i am afraid of getting scammed 2) Pleaseeeee i was trading my account and he robbed me, give me all back pleaseeeeee. 3) If I make screenshot of the conversation that I am having with XXXX can y…

  • Quote from GentleFire: “Guys if I succesfuly read the book will it have lower cooldown till next reading or is it just happening randomly to me? ” Unless they changed this between .US and .SG the book timer has a range like 18-26 hours. so it can be more or less than 24 hours