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    BRAH - - General


    They will get blocked. Gameforge said in a interview that they will block all of them. Maybe not the videos with 10 Clicks but the famous people like Maria will get blocked

  • Haha, my first post here was just a joke... Do you realy think that I talk to my friends when I say bodybuilders? Maybe its just the german humor^^+ However Im banned and know i know the reason. I did not knew it before your answer and thats all what i wanted :=)

  • For me its okay that you show it The last trade to AbuDhabi on thursday. I traded him from my home internet adress 1,5kkk in total. If he made something later then I dont know it. Oh, and I have one pictuce after giving him 1,5kkk it was at ( 17:20 pm). I just saw on the website his eq, not mine. For exmaple: My poisen had 37 Avg and not 31 avg. But I can unterstand you so its okay. I hope that you will show in the future more reason to unterstand the problmen. It makes it much easyier to unders…

  • Hello Shadow, first... thanks for showing the reason for banning the accounts. Secondly, I asked him ( the seller) what he did, because I know him for a long time in real life. He told me that he sold cash from Later I found the post on elitepvpers, which you showed allrdy to us. I can understand the bann now and I dont want to say something against it. I only want to say on thing, 3 days before i got banned, I gave him with PapaBear 1,5kkk for the qulin shoes because I wanted to bu…

  • Best offer is atm 700kk

  • Hey guys, I want to sell my lvl 61 Lion Edge Shield +9 with Immune against faint, 10 block, 20 devil 12 agility and as titanic stat 8 AVG and 3 Str Please write here on pm me here