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Buy [48/54 Sin armour] Mystic 8 hp restore

0 27

Sell Mystic 8AVG Mortal Plate Armour +9 with +5 Defence and +5 Vita For Sale

4 211


wtb armour 48 war 8 avg or 8 rest hp / shield 8 avg faint 15 block / fms 45+ avg ss+5

15 612


Sell Ghost Face Armour+6 8AVR speed+5 bonus to mix

3 461


Buy YingYangarmour with 8 avg/54 armour 8avg for sura (+not important)

0 167

Buy BWS+9, DK+9

7 521


Sell Titanic(800HP-%5 HP) Black Steel Armour

0 704

Buy dragon plate +9 with hp / 1-40 lvl 2k hp items

0 209