Exclusive Dungeon: Orc Maze [Implemented 04/10/2014]

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    • Exclusive Dungeon: Orc Maze [Implemented 04/10/2014]

      This unique dungeon is inspired by the Ape Dungeon, sadly it became obsolete but we thought Metin2 lost some kind of challenge.

      The Orc Maze is located on the norther part of the Dragon Valley.

      A party is needed to enter and only players from level 30 to level 60 are allowed to run.

      The timer is random based on the average level of all the members of the party, but it goes from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

      #1 TASK

      • As soon as you enter the Orc Town will be empty because it is under an invisibility spell casted by the Elite Chief Orc.
      • Go inside the portal and finish all 3 different labyrinths.

      • All the players must also drop the Orc Seal from the monsters or they won't be able to proceed further.
      • Every labyrinth has 3 different portals, but only one works and they are random at every run.

      • At the end of the maze you will find the Elite Chief Orc. Slay and use the Orc Seal to free the Warrior Spirit.
      At this point the Leader can choose to do the second task or to quit the dungeon.

      #2 TASK
      • The players will be warped to the town which is now free from the spell and crowded with stronger Orcs.
      • Defeat the Reborn Chief Orc to finish the task.

      #3 TASK
      • The players are teleported to the Throne Room of the real Boss the Cursed Chief Orc.
      • Defeat him to finish the dungeon.

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      The Tec Interactive Team.
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