Dungeon: Nemere's Watchtower [Implemented 17//2014]

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    • Dungeon: Nemere's Watchtower [Implemented 17//2014]

      Nemere's Watchtower is a Dungeon located in the northen part of the Mountain Map. Similiar to the Red Dragon Castle,

      You must complete 9 tasks in less then 60 minutes before you can face the Boss.

      Please Note:

      • Only level 90+ can attempt this challenge.
      • You need a party and only the party leader can trigger the run.
      • You need at least 1 Mage and 1 Assassin.
      • Despite you can enter with a Healer mage, you will not be able to finish the run unless a Dragon Mage is in the party.
      • In case of disconnection you have 300 seconds of time to re-enter in the dungeon and reunite with the rest of the group.
      • The monsters deals Ice Damage and they don't have any weakness.

      #1 Floor

      The party Leader must trigger the run using the Ice Lion. Kill all the monsters and advance to the next floor.

      #2 Floor

      Find the correct Ice Key. Only Mage or Assassinscan use the Key.

      #3 Floor

      Kill all monsters.

      #4 Floor

      Kill all monsters.

      #Floor 5

      The floor will have 6 Artic Cubes. You must find the correct Polar Star and use it to open the correct Artic Cube. Once all 6 cubes are unlocked the party will advance to the next floor.

      #Floor 6

      Kill all the initial monsters. A Metin of Cold will spawn, guarded by a second wave of monsters. Only a Mage can damage the Metin of Cold.

      #Floor 7

      Kill Szel and Ultra Szel. Szel is vulnerable only from players with Dragon Shield Buff, Ultra Szel is vulnerable only from players with Enchant Damage buff.

      #Floor 8

      Find the correct Ice Flower Key. Only Mage and Assassin can use it.

      #Floor 9

      Destroy the Column of the North, only Mage and Assassin can damage it.

      #Floor 10

      Defeat Nemere the Ice Lord.

      Thank you,
      Metin2 SG Team.
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