The Belt System [Implemented 13/02/2014]

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    • The Belt System [Implemented 13/02/2014]

      Dear Players,

      hereby a little guide regarding the Belt System.

      Once equipped the Belt provides a default bonus (based on the type) and a number of slots from 1 to 16 based on the type and the plus of the item.
      You can fill these slots with every kind of potions and also with grade one and two alchemy potions.

      To create a belt go to Yu-Hwan and select the Potion recipe. Yu-Hwan can craft Belt from level 50 to 97.

      The refined ore can stack like the blessing scroll. The refine of the belts can fail.

      You won't need guide for the Alchemy potions!

      The belts from level 100 to 103 are crafted by Jae-Seon Kim on the Cape map. Even in this case, the refine can fail.

      You can upgrade a Belt to +9 like a normal item, however you can't add bonus.

      Thank you,
      The Tec Interactive Team.
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