Metins lvl 65 or 70

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    • Metins lvl 65 or 70

      Hi everyone,

      Im trying to farm with my 75 weapon sura, but im not sure which metins farm.
      With the gear that i have metins lvl 65 are more easy to me and i dont waste potions, but i can also farm metins lvl 70.
      It is worth to farm lvl 70 instead of lvl 65? there are more chances to drop stones +4 at metin lvl70?

    • from what i know the chance is not higher, but i would simply farm whatever i can find xd, use 5x return scroll: 3x flame field to the 3 metin spawn spots and 2x ice mountain to the 2 metin spawn spots there.

      there you see already if you look at the amount of metin spawn spots, flame field has 3 more metins(lv70) than ice mountain (lv65) so if you farm the lv70 metins you might drop more Stones. :this:

      so yeah just farm what you prefer & what you can find at the time you are farming(also it is easier imo to find the lv70 metins because they have pretty cool spawn spots)