About my warrior lvl 66.

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    buy any sura helm any + with both 6/7 bonus 5 mob and 5 demi human PM

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    Keyboard Killers

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    Ask LaceX

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    Mighty007 what is a keyboard killer?

  • Mighty007

    really i thought the keyboard Kilers are online 24/7

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    This nature2k 24/7 online on forum

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    hey <3 <3

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    hey girls <3

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    shadow said they'd be removed, can't see a reason to rage rly

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    no deary @[GM]Kovach, I didn't and won't buy the pet. Now I'm gonna cry in the corner of my room.

  • [GM]Kovach

    Lyetta if you bought the pet with tp's, you should have it in your Mall Storage!

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  • Lyetta

    the pet*. Again, I'm sorry for that. I didn't even wanted to insult you at all. xD

  • Lyetta

    Overall I couldn't get the mount because the quest just expired and I rage-yelled everything and I got a very justified ban, it was a very nice event. :D

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    :thumbsup: Thanks for the event

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Server on. The event is also over

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    lol wat

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    boy with gf looking for a 2nd one, please pm me.

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    Hi :)

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  • Hello good people, I need some suggestion what to do with my mental warrior lvl 66.

    I got lvl 61 farmer and my main which is Mage , and now I don't know what to do with my warrior mental lvl 66.

    Can you give me some suggestions for getting best use of him, for what I can use him, or should i respec him to body, or whatever?

    There's no bad suggestion! :thumbsup:

  • ok, in my opinion there are several ways to use the character:

    1st: use it as pvp character(but since your main is a mage i guess you will use it) and lvl it to whatever lvl you wanna do pvp.
    2nd: respec it to body warrior and lvl up to lv75-80 & fix Aura to P.(for a good way of farming in combination with your mage pm me ingame or msg me here)
    3rd: use it as easy v3 farmer for Events, you will still have a good drop & dont need expensive gears or buffer since you got the extra AC.
    4th: keep it with some cool gears for the time you need some extravagant uppitems like orc maze, quartz sands & magic seeds for your main gear on the mage.
    5th: you sell it(i dont recommend this since there is no support by the staff anymore or it is even illegal)

  • Thanks for respond King Amnezio!

    1st: Yeah my mage is main, and im getting pvp items for him.

    3rd: I got much more event's items with lvl 61 farmer in V3 (had luck to put frist ac +6 in lvl 61 armor xD)

    4th: Don't even know where i can get those (I was buying it before) :D

    5th: I don't even think about it since it's not supported by team anymore :D

    2nd: This sounds like something useful for both my mage and warr, so i guess i will contact you as soon as possible :D

    See you around!