[CHANGE]little improvement or fixing of the white lion seal

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    • [CHANGE]little improvement or fixing of the white lion seal

      hey guys & ladies,

      i had a little idea of improving or fixing the White Lion Seal(the one with 30% exp Bonus), it is not possible to use the horse skills on that mount even if your horse riding level is already maxed.
      so my suggestion there is to change this and make it possible to use those skill on that mount(would make the lvling with that mount more comfortable for example at v3 with many monsters)
      the same i would suggest for mounts like the unicorns, reindeers etc.

      another point about this seal(also the lv75-85 seals i think and several event seals) is, if you are using STRG + G to mount/unmount, the seal will stay in the slot after unmounting instead of going back to the inventory(sometimes it is annoying after reactivating buffs & other skills like Aura).

      those arent major changes, simply a possibility to improve the comfort for players using those mounts.