[FEATURE] Command for revive the character after death

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    • [FEATURE] Command for revive the character after death

      Hello people, i want to share the idea of a chat command for revive the character after death. This is really useful for people that do the classic 'miss clic' and goes to town by accident. It could be something like ' /rev ' , ' /re '. The ' /r ' command i think that is used by the King of the kingdom to restore health and mana for all the players.

      If you want to write a few more lines of code you could add the chance of revive a party member, when you're on a dungeon or a place where one of your windows (or a friend's one) just lagged and the character dies :dead: you can easily revive them writting in the chat the command ' /rev PlayerName '.

      Well, that's all, i hope that some players find this useful.
      Bor mental warrior lv 90 blue kingdom

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    • Shadow wrote:

      I am trying to remove the solo gameplay from this ancient game, I am not going to add something that will make the life easier for those who goes into runs or dungeons with multi accounts.

      Ohh i get it now. That's really nice mister, the community should encourage the removing of solo gameplay inside the non-Oriental players minds. Stop the ancient buffers things and bring up the teamwork! <3

      Well thanks, i hope some day make solo gameplay at least in an easy dungeon like orc maze, with my lv 60 sura is kind of hard (counting i go with mage P Blessing Spell).

      Bor mental warrior lv 90 blue kingdom

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