Christmas 2015 Event

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    • Christmas 2015 Event

      Dear Players,

      The drop will be moderate due to the previous massive events and due to the lenght of this one. However, using the special Christmas Pet, Rudolf, will further increase the drop.

      • Rudolf only last 2 hours and you can't trade or drop or even store it.
      • The timer of Rudolf starts after the purchase.
      • The drop is higher only if Rudolf is summoned and not if his seal is in your inventory.
      Two new special mounts will come to the item mall, the male and female Reindeer. The mounts are just temporary, will last for 7 days.

      • Male character can only use the male reindeer while female, the female one.
      • You can't use power snacks or horse medal to raise its lifespawn
      The game will have the winter textures with snow, snowfall and night mode, however if your computer can't handle or you have unecessary lag or you just feel in Grinch mode, you can deactivate it from the system options

      The item mall ingame is also fixed and won't cause any crash.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
      Metin2 SG Team
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