[FEATURE] Rarity collor for dropped items

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    • Faustyna wrote:

      dolguldor wrote:

      LegenDxEU wrote:

      Is a very good idea , per example when u are farming moonlights u drop alot of shits and dont have time for pick all the items , i like it +1.
      Yes u have time , u just choose: pick the items or leave it there, and cotinue pick moons and farm. Also about 26-34 armors Xabat , if u don't have 5 sec time to take a damn armor then for what else you got time?
      Let's stand next to our desks. Why would we need chairs? They're useless if you can stand.

      You fail to understand life is about making things easier. User friendly and clear interface and UI is a part of that. It's objectively great idea that wouldn't impact you in any way - it would be beneficial.

      Why some of you have that strange habit of living in denial? If something can be more enjoyable why wouldn't it be? It wouldn't make game easier, harder or any different other than just more player friendly.
      Totally agree , this is just to make more confortable farm without picking all the shit of the floor , with 1 cape in s3 i full my inventory , i dont think that change the color name of rarity drops make game easier...