Monarch Election

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    • Monarch Election

      Hello. Anyone can explain with details what are the rules for 'Monarch Election' ? :?:
      How many votes every player can use ? :?:
      On what do the staff counts the votes? IP or REGISTERED EMAIL ? :?:
      For example if my mail has 5 accounts registered and if I vote with 1 but my friend/brother/sister/whatsoever votes from different IP but with one of my accounts , is it legal or not ? :?:
      sorry for question but I never seen any strict rules about this :huh:
      thank you
      Never gave in
      Never gave up
      Im the only thing im afraid of.

    • The rules are 2 votes for IP to cover the special cases where wife + husband or brothers or friends play from the same apartment and hence has the same ip. But this doesn't mean that everybody should abuse.

      The best quality of our rules is that we use common sense, if you players abuse this system with some cheap tricks, like proxy or asking a friend to log, we will ban you and the ban time may be also permanent.

      So my advice is, just to avoid misunderstanding, to vote just with your main account like you vote in real life.

      Whoever wants to risk, be my guest :)
      Respect Game and Forum rules
      Ask support on our Ticket System