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  • Etherial

    okay, thank you :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As a matter of fact there is no mention of it on the thread since this year you don't need any pet to trigger the drops

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The quest was not supposed to go on live as it was of the last year. It will be removed with a reboot and also the pets that it gave.

  • Etherial

    yea that quest, after finishing it he asked me to do it again and gave me the same pet again :p

  • Tjepper

    It is the "go to yang shin" you can find him in map 2

  • beckmann

    is it the blue one " go to yang shin "? everyone talka bout quest, i dont see which, an dnobody can say me name of it , omegalul

  • beckmann

    which quest????

  • Etherial

    I got the same winged heart twice after repeating the quest, is it a bug??

  • beckmann


  • Gentle

    gn8 m8

  • beckmann

    gn8 gentle

  • Gentle

    good night

  • Sukie&Hiumi

    +1with pizza

  • po_xy

    SirPic for helper!!!

  • SirPic

    solution: don't log in.

  • beckmann

    when login, i get bug

  • Lacex54

    Kovach is serious brah

  • [GM]Kovach

    Good afternoon!

  • buryzencio

    Howker For now i got red changer blacksmith memo, cor draconis rought ,blue/red auto potion

  • Howker

    What a drop from chocolate and rose ?

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  • Hello everyone :D

    So, I've been one of those on and off metin players for years, probably close to 10 years, I'd say. I was around for the launch of this server :thumbsup:

    Aaaaaaaaaanyway, after the longest break ever from metin, here I am, back on the road again.
    I'm going to start from scratch, to experience the new updates .sg has to offer, and planning to stick around for a while.
    This time around though, I want to maybe try something a bit different, and that's where I want some suggestions from all of you.

    I've played with mostly every class and build possible, so I don't really know what to play this time around. I had a high lvl sura - both bm and weapon - and high lvl warrior - again, both body and mental - . I've had nice runs with other classes, but never went to the higher lvls, always stuck around the 80's.

    What do you beautiful players suggest? Anything at all, I'm going for it :saint: 
    Also drop me a hint about kingdoms, I don't know how each of them is doing :rolleyes:

    Now I'll just shut up, and thank you all for reading, hope to find you around ingame
    Have fun :D :D

  • Welcome back!

    The red kingdom has disappeared, the blue kingdom is blooming with new players, shops, and farmers, while the yellow is kinda empty but it has the strongest high level players.

    I suggest you start as a body warrior so you can farm metin stones. They drop green changers which are worth ~ 4kk, this is the only viable method for a beginner to build up something.

    Check out the Novice Channel here: [GUIDE] Novice Channel

    Be sure to complete all the low level quests, they give you really cool stuff like +9 gear with HP so you won't have any trouble killing bears.

  • Hello. Welcome back!

    You should really try to play assassin. It's fun! But of course make warrior as farmer and keep assassin for pvp.

    You can try Yellow kingdom, we are not many but we are totally more fun then blues :>

    And if you have any question about game or need any suggestion pm one of Helpers in game. You can find them under your Friend list.

    "I am not lost, I am on my way!"

  • Thank you all! :D

    I did start in yellow kingdom, of course :beer:

    I'll follow your tips. Started a warrior, to make it a farmer, and I'll start my main char later. Still haven't decided if I want an assassin or not. It's either that or a magerino, though