The 2015 numbers of Metin2.SG

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    • The 2015 numbers of Metin2.SG

      Dear players,

      another year is ending soon and we decided to gather as many informations as we can, so that we can a recap of what happened in Metin2:

      Game counters in 2015:
      • Players who logged in 2015 have, in total, 481.006.383.607 golds;
      • 57 game reboots for maintenance / new updates;
      • 3.471.609 Characters deaths by Monsters;
      • 775.362 Characters deaths;
      • 91.102 newly created Accounts.

      Supports requests created in 2015 only:
      Security and tech in 2015:

      • 57 high-profile DDoS received, 379 low-profile DoS/DDoS received;
      • 6763 IPs permanently banned from our firewalls for trying to use exploits;
      • 8.021.274 Website views;
      • 48.338,73 GB of bandwith used.
      • Website downtime out of the entire year: 2 hours ( 0,022% downtime - 99,978% uptime)
      • Game downtime out of the entire year (counting our maintenance too) : 23 hours and 16 minutes ( 0,26% downtime - 99,74% uptime)

      We hope that you will enjoy the game with us on 2016 even more than you did on 2015.
      Do you need help with something? Send us a support ticket here.
      Check out this thread on how to correctly use the Ticket System and more informations about how to get help.

      Don't forget to check the in-game rules & the forum rules.