End of The Year TEC Points Sales 50% + Support Reward

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    • End of The Year TEC Points Sales 50% + Support Reward

      Dear Players,

      from December 29th for 48 hours, every purchase of Tec Points will grant an additional 50% bonus. You can check if the effect is active on our purchase page.

      Also, to reward our most loyal customers and supporter, the player who, during these 48 hours, purchase more tec points, will receive a Rare Add Scroll and a Rare Change Scroll.

      For privacy purposes and to avoid any kind of heavy gambling issues, we will not disclose any informations regarding the winner or the highest amount purchased. The winner will receive the scrolls and he or she may decide to expose his or her identity or not.

      Thanks, Metin2 SG Team
      Respect Game and Forum rules
      Ask support on our Ticket System