Metin2 Singapore - official or illegal?

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  • Metin2 Singapore - official or illegal?

    Dear players and admins,

    the last days a lot of rumours about the Metin2.SG server came up because videos of big german youtubers of Metin2 private servers got banned from youtube.
    One important thing at the beginning: I do not want to begin any rumours or damage this server! I just want to be informed better than a lot of other players who heard any rumour which has not even a hint of truth in it!

    1. Once a german community manager of the official Metin2.DE server said that "SG is not official anymore". Is this just rumour because the germans see that the SG server gets more and more players, even a lot from the DE server?
    2. I heard that the license of Metin2.SG is not valid anymore.
    3. Why is it possible that the theam of SG is able to create it's own runs (e.g. Orc Maze) and unique updates (e.g. rarity system)? A lot of players from other servers claim that this is the proof that SG is not official anymore. How is it possible that SG is the only server with this updates?

    Hopefully we can get some real FACTS now from an official side! I just feel lack of all these rumours...