Buy PvP Items Warrior under lv 39 (+ uppitems, skill books)

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    • Buy PvP Items Warrior under lv 39 (+ uppitems, skill books)

      Hello all,
      i am searching for some items for pvp for a mental Warrior up to lv 38/39, they should be pretty perfect with 3 - 4 Full stats + Mystic

      What i am searching is like:

      Helmets lv 0/21 with 10 demi/strong vs/5 demi mystic (any 15 magic res for magic class) / no need for mage

      Shield lv 0/21 with 8avg (and/or 5 block) and immune/10 demi/15 block

      Weapons: Rib/ FMS with 15 + Skill damage and Demi human / strong vs class (spell speed/crit)

      Legendary Rib FMS with 5 SKILL 5 Demi Human

      Bracelet up to lv 39 with HP (1k-2k)/ 10 demi/ 15 magic res (and maybe 10 pierce) No need mystic but can be

      Necklates: 1) 1 Vs1 Vs Sura with 5Demi res (mystic)/1-2k Hp/15 class res/ (10 crit)/ 15 sword

      2) 1 Vs 1 Vs Warrior with 5Demi res (mystic)/1-2k Hp/15 class res/ (10 crit)/ 15 sword

      3) 1 Vs 1 Vs Mage with 5Demi res (mystic)/1-2k Hp/15 class res/ 10 crit/

      4) 1 Vs 1 Vs Sin with 5Demi res (mystic)/1-2k Hp/15 class res/ (10 crit)/ 15 dagger/ 15 arrow

      Boots: 1 Vs 1 vs 1) Sura with 5 skill/HP/15 sword res/20strong against sura(/10 crit)

      2/3) Warrior with (2)5 skill/(3)8avg /HP/15 2handed res/15strong against war(/10 crit) // 3)15 sword res

      4) Assassin with 5 SKILL / HP (/Crit) /15 dagger res/15 - 20(leather boots) arrow res/15 strong against assassin

      Armor: lv 26/34 armor: 1) 1 Vs 1 Vs Sura ( HP (1-2k) / 15 Magic Res / 15 Sura / 15 Sword res / 5 Skill Res ) 2) 1 Vs 1 Vs Archer / 2handed warrior ( not that neccessary) sorry if this thread is looking strange( its not my fault or i dont know how to solve the problem/make it better), all the (10 crit) are optional and your items dont need to have all of these perfect like it is saying before, just show me what you got and i will think about if its worth for me

      Search for Spirit Strike/ Tiger Bash/ Enchant Damage/Blessing spell Skill Books ( pay 300k each mental war sb / 500k each buff sb)
      Also search for cheap Mage/cooldown +6