What i should buy with 1kkk

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    • For weapon sura the most important is a weapon (duuuh). So you need a good fms, like one ~40% avg will be enough for sure, then EE +9 stats up to you, rest i'd invest in something that will last you quite long so either HTN +9 or phoenix soes +9 or HTB +9(54lvl needed). As for the armor, dont invest in something "wow", not worth for me unless you'll stay at 52lvl for 1 year, buy any armor with HP. Helm and shield doesnt need to be awesome too. Buy good shield and helm at 61lvl, these are more reasonable ones. And for the armor - till you get 67/70lvl dont spend like 500kk for one, because you won't use its full potential anyway.
      And if you have skills low, consider investing in hermits to read enchanted blade.