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  • This is just my last response to Mark, the Support guy that banned me, but also criticism to the community and server.

    Mark's last response:

    I agree that many players are getting spoiled, but definitely not me. I don't care about other peoples business, it's really irrelevant to me. But if the one guy that broke the rules 2x only got a 1 day ban, can continue playing like nothing ever happened, and it seems like if he did it again he would get an 3 or 7 day ban next time... and only after all THAT comes the permanent ban? Then I need to say something. That's Absurd. But if I try to "argue" with the Support, I get instantly 15 days banned and after that permanent? Where in the world is this fair?

    This whole privacy part is ridiculous. Yes, I do need to know the outcome of the decision, I reported him. It's not you who found him breaking the rules, it was me, you should be thankful that we, the reporters are helping you get rid of such people. An easy "Thanks, here is the outcome of the situation"
    is all that is needed.

    "You are banned because you continue the debate when we kindly asked you to stop"; That is not a reason to ban someone.
    "you are banned because we are not forced to show you anything"; I disagree, you are. Again not a reason to ban someone.
    "You are banned because you claimed he was not suspended when he is"; Yes, I assumed that's the case, because you couldn't just said what happened after I posted the screenshots and you banned him. Also, not a reason to ban someone.
    Basically, Mark, you needed to escalate all of this and that led to my ban.

    I got banned because I wanted to know why his ban had such little consequences.
    I got banned because I didn't agree that we reporters have no right to know the outcome.
    I got banned because I didn't agree with a rule that is on the Behaviour section of the Game rules. The rule is laughable.

    That is not a reason to ban someone, because someone having a different opinion.

    You have lost a very friendly player. A pity, 'cause I think your community needs more of that kind.

  • Dear Irrelevent123,

    what you say is incorrect in many ways. First of all you were kindly and gently asked to not argue with the support, but apparently you ignored all the warnings, second the player was suspended, despite you thought it was not. And this is the problem actually. You were so sure he got away that now you are complaining about the lenght of his ban, as you have no arguments left on your pockets. So now you complain about the 1 day ban? Silly in my opinion.

    I don't know what do you mean with 2x, he was never suspended before, like ever, and the first ban for these kind of infraction is 1 day. They are not scammers or hackers, "such people" are players like you, no better no worse. You don't do us a favour by reporting them, you do a favour to yourself. The kill stealing rule is not a rule for us, is a rule for the player. If you don't report people, we are fine so I don't see why we should thank you for your report, you are not reporting a hacker or a scammer that is bad for the game. It is actually bad for the game a player that post lies or twist facts, like you are doing now. If a player insults you privatly, you are not doing any favour to us by reporting him or her, you are just defending your right of no be insulted on our game. But we are the judges not you. We decide how many days we should give to a player, not you. And this is not a matter of opinions, is not subject to debates.

    Arguing and pretending to know the decision is silly, it is like those players who demand us to tell how many tec points a particular player spent, to be sure he is not hacking. Why the hell should we give private information on a player just because you THINK he is hacking because he kills you or because you can't explain his damage on you? It is nonsense.

    Our word should be enough without having to expose the privacy of the players. And our warnings should be taken seriously and not be subject of more debates.

    You were warned, you ignored the warning, you are suspended.

    If you decided to quit, good luck