[FEATURE] Total gold earned before you open a shop.

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    • [FEATURE] Total gold earned before you open a shop.

      It would be mostly useful if we want to avoid situations with having 2kkk + gold on your account however, it would be also useful to let us see estimated gold we're supposed to earn if we sell everything from our shop. It would be also beneficial because more often than not I double check all prices on items in case I put something with an incorrect price. Why waste that time if I could see the amount of gold I'm supposed to earn let's say on the bottom of shop window before I open my shop. It would be a cool little thing to have, that would give players a clear user interface.
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    • IMO it's little bit unnecessary, you can calculate the amount of gold you'll earn just with that think called "maths" there's also an item called "calculator" that will make it easier :D

      To avoid to go +2kkk, just put your gold in another char before open the shop if you think u'll earn enough to go over that sum.