[Feature] Dungeon Record Time

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    • [Feature] Dungeon Record Time

      Hello so maybe this could be a good suggestion for the dungeons that we have. Recently we been getting one more and probably in the future we will have a lot more.
      So talking about dungeon we have probably around 7 dungeons run that you can party up.( Correct me if i am wrong)
      1. Orc Maze
      2. Plaqued Dungeon
      3. Ice Dungeon
      4. Hell Run
      5. Aqua Dragon
      6. Devil Catacomb
      7. Erberus Dungeon

      So since we have the new update of the IP restriction limit, One character can join on computer in a dungeon was great idea.
      Now lets make time record dungeon. Example: 4 player entered Hell run, they have to complete the dungeon as fast as they can and when they finish you will have an announcement like '' Group of ''Player'' has finished Hell run in 26minute and 20 seconds. Then you can make a system that adds the records for players, top 3 or top 2 Group. And each week or each 2 week you can give them rewards to the first place.
      Other example
      Example when you enter Erberus run, The system start counting the time you been in.
      ''The group of TaryCherry has entered Erberus run.
      When finished
      ''The group of TaryCherry has finished Erberus run in 8 minute 39 seconds,
      ''It has taken the second place.

      And other players can start like grouping more players together to win the record of other players.

      It will make a lot of difference, you can make it per week or per months to give in the rewards. You can make a list like hunter ranking have but for Dungeon time records. It will make players group more players together and make it much faster for them to take first place as a party for the rewards.

      Erberus Run
      #Party LeaderParty membersTime finishedWeekDate
      1AlphaDelta, Charlie, Bravo, November7 minute 50 seconds072/18/2017
      2EchoHotel, India, Juliet, Kilo8 minute 39 seconds082/24/2017
      3OscarSierra, Tango, Whiskey, Victor8 minute 50 seconds082/22/2017

      Don't mind about the name but it's an example, sorry for using the names, it's for an example.

      You can make like a list for all the dungeons and make records like this, and each week or each month you can give rewards to the #1 group/members

      WHAT DO YOU THINK!? :beer:
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