Balancing isnt there

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  • LegenDxEU

    with this add it will come the drop of DSS at metins and bosses?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will cost tec points, but a reasonable price to prevent massive trades

  • crystiboy

    Shadow will cost TP or MP? TP please!

  • mertcanglc Sell

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will be on the item mall shortly

  • DonKill

    nobody know where is it.. :D

  • A.O.S

    where is this dss remover that was recently added.....?

  • Howker

    wts 8 avg phoenix pm to Dzku

  • Gzanu Gzanu farming

  • Alescha


  • Alescha

    wts 8 avg resist, clean phoenix shoes ign: Alescha

  • Sedentarius

    y-yes senpai. Me.. but still nothing as you see

  • Gzanu

    some one here ?

  • samlam1998

    wtb bsa+9 with ss+5/+6 or aqua with ss+5/6


    yes , but i ve never got acces to that server..... anyway... thank you...

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You got the answer yourself, if you have an older account you are not a novice, and the channel is for novices :)


    i ve never been accepted , i tried on my older account, but... never accepted..

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    There are no requests, if you can log you have been accepted, otherwise refused


    Can you please verify my account for the NOVICE server? i really want to get the acces!


    Hello there! Shadow? you are GA , no?

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  • To be honest.. are u kidding me?

    Where is the Logic behind the Moonlight Update?

    New Player who "had" the Chance to get some Gold by get Moons and the Stuff in there like a blessingmarble they can sell it for 5-15kk and have a nice start, now u can pull 5x Orc Blue and u dropp ONE. I farmed with my lv 35 Warrior like 2 Hours in the Temple and got about 12 Moons, if i asked someone in the higher Level they had already 1-2k Moons.

    Where is the Logic? Make the Strong and rich one better and let the newbies or low lv player with 5 Moons/Hour behind? U could just make the lv System.

    If u are lv 1 u can dropp good from Mobs 10-15 Lv Higher than u are, so could EVERYONE farm the same amount of Moons... but hey... u made the High lv once stronger and rich... the moonlight is zero balanced in my Opinion... the Moonlight event was the only chance to make money for beginner, but now u even took that away from them... u cant farm stones in the low lv because there are allways 2. Chars from Highs which one make a stone in under 10 Seconds...

    So my last words... change the Moonlight drop Chance of level BETWEEN the player and the Monster, not as higher the monster, the higher the Chance of moons...

    besides, im sorry for my broken english... im aware of it :D

  • Uhm :)

    So my last words... change the Moonlight drop Chance of level BETWEEN the player and the Monster, not as higher the monster, the higher the Chance of moons...

    Or else what?
    Where was the balance when a lv 35-60 player could get 3k moons and a lv 100 player 100 moons?
    Now farmers are pretty much useless and all players which are lv 60 or higher can go to lv 97+ monsters (which ARE EASY) and farm hundreds/thousands moons.
    Lv up if you want to make more gold.

  • I don't want to be rude, but you already have a pretty nice start. Greens dropping at metins 25-60, you can sell bad books and stones to NPC, you can farm in desert upgrade stuff(web and spider eyes sell for 500k or so). The only thing that will happen if they make a good drop rate on low level is that other high level players will come with their farmers and you will still farm nothing. Just give up this event until you make lvl 60 and farm where the high level farm just as some high level players gave up the moon when they used to drop 12 moons in their maps:P
    I think there are plenty of ways to make money at low level.

  • where is the point if the good once get better, while the low once have to sit on 20 Moons in ~ 3 hours? My idea was to change the %Chance to the Level between the Player and the Monster.

    like if u have 10 level Difference u have higher chance, 10 level below u dont drop often. There is just no Point in making the good and rich once better while the newbies, low lv player and farmer sit on nothing... Thats my Point. They still can change the %Chance on the Maps, and the Level of Monster, but seriously... 20 Moons for lv 35 farmng in the temple at 45-60 Monster and a lv 61 3k Moons in under 2 Hours? Dont be rude and tell me the truth, is this fair?

  • Yes it is fair.

    I saw your logic, a level 35 player who just started. Now please follow my logic.

    You just started, you spent what? 5 hours to reach your level 35 thanks to our generous changes and helps for the new players. You drop green changers to help you create equipment for your character. You can't expect to do more golds than someone who is 70 or 100 or 120. It is just logical stupid that you just started and you can make more golds than them.

    The gold should be balanced, as a 35 you have very little expenses, mainly books, hermists, exorcism if you want to level up your skills faster, and a good level 30 weapon.

    While their expenses are vast and all rounded.

    Last point, your monsters can be killed by spitting on them while clapping your hands, their monsters need 5 bonused gears over the average.

    You should not compare your drops to theirs because you can't compare your monsters to theirs.

    Thats my 2 cent on this.

  • For the sake of keeping a civilised talk in here, there are no lv 113 mobs i can kill to get moons while you can have as many lv 45-60 monsters. So, my drop will be lower than yours. You will say this is ok, you need a chance to get some money.

    In the past V3 was a very very very...very good place to get moons. in other maps the drop was at about 150/hour but in v3 was 4-600/hour. But you had no chance to farm there, it was really crowded.

    With this update, if you want moonlights, you must be at least lv 60 to be able to access the maps. So you have a motivation to become stronger, lv up and make more and more money. For the rest of the drops just make 1-2 farmer accounts.

    I worked enough to get high lv and now is paying all the work i did. Why do you think you have the right to get more money using 50kk items while i have to pay billion after billion, TP and all the stuff so i can match your drops? I can't believe you will lv up if you can earn enough money by staying at low lv. I am saying it again: lv up and make more and more money.

  • Common boy , lv up to lv 60 will take you 1-2 days , you can farm in new maps so easy , just stop cry and start to upp , in 1 week you can have gear enough to farm in lemures easily...