Is aggro still popular? (questions about lowlv money making)

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    • Is aggro still popular? (questions about lowlv money making)

      Hi everyone!

      Is aggrofarming at farming metins still popular? If it is, where? I want to evade it as much as I can. (of course it happens in every server, the quantity is the questionable thing :( ).
      I heard it isn’t the only pvm opportunity to earn money, but I have to ask whether the other (low lv) farming methods are surely rewarding in these days. (I don’t want to rush, but who doesn’t want to earn money kind of fast or at least not that slowly which would be such a distress?)

      And what’s up with fishing and mining? I’m keen on them, it would be great if they were still profitable but sometimes I must go and kill monsters and hope I can get some money also with that. :love: It would be good if the other methods worked well, I don't want to depend only on metin farming (especially if aggro is still disturbingly here.)

      Thanks a lot for your answers

      An oldschool, peaceful player who wants to start playing here again
    • For low levels aggro farming is quite popular at map2 I think.

      I am afraid I cannot help you much since I don't farm at low/middle level spots but I think this guide can help you a little till someone with more experience doesn't help you out with answers.

      P.S. Glad to see an old school player here. Welcome back. :P
    • aggro farming between own kingdom isn't popular, since you can lose items in negative rank even with level 15, not level 50 ( a update some weeks ago )

      only other kingdom still can ks you without fear of go negative rank ( not all do ks, but ther is only a few that ks )