Fishing and Clams

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  • xTelsam

    what happened to rarity hour today ?(

  • [SMOD]Tary

    I don't know but I know he has xD

  • Lyetta

    Tary who are his wife and kids?

  • Tortino

    will mistery box start soon?

  • Technologic

    for me workin fine yoo

  • Baker

    The homepage doesnt't work...

  • BuffMausal


  • [SMOD]Tary

    He has wife and kids, don't be mean. The +10% works, Alin


    We should burn him

  • Alin Stefan

    I apologize poor blacksmith , if you're here on the forum xD

  • Alin Stefan

    so it s just a visual bug then :) a bow which normally is 25% would be 35% at guild smith and 45% with extra materials , right ?

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Don't hurt his feelings.

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Yes, he is legit

  • Alin Stefan

    Tary or Shadow , is the guild blacksmith legit ? everytime i try to up something they show the same success rate as the town blacksmith or a blessing scroll? thanks

  • Metatrron

    u here ?

  • Metatrron


  • Gentle

    Hey Tary, okay :)

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    too much metin..

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  • A.O.S

    i faint pineapples offensive

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  • Hi! I have always hunted metins for profit, but that got boring. Now I want to fish. I am just curious about the %'s for fishing. I have 3 questions, as follows.

    1. What is the % for getting a clam from a fish? Do some fish have a higher % of getting clams? What other valuable things can you get from a fish?

    2. What is the % for getting a red pearl, blue pearl, and white pearl from a clam?

    3. What are some other interesting things you can get from fishing?

    Thank you! :D

  • 1. idk

    2. if they haven't changed the rates in comparison to the gf servers, then the chance is too low. clams are pretty rare and so are pearls. with luck you would have to open 1 and get a white pearl, with bad luck you'll open 20 without getting even a red pearl.
    my suggestion is NOT to open clams. just sell them for 7kk each.

    3. nothing really. maybe eels, that add 10str for a few minutes when you grill them orfishbones which you can sell for 150-250k each

    Petri heil :)

  • 1. Clam percent I do not know but 60% of the time when i open 10 fishes i get 1 clam. So I suppose it's a bit low. As for which fish you can get most clams well I believe its rng.

    2. I have no idea. I do not open the clams and I do not recommend you to open them since pearls sell for like what 30kk? and one clam sells for 8kk-10kk well most of the time 10kk. So it's better to sell clams to buy the pearls you want. Unless you wanna try your luck.

    3.Yup you can get some cool fishes like Pikes, Eel..Shiri..Perch..But they are not easy to catch. Especially shiri, Loach, Smelt..I've seen ppl selling Shiri for 45-50kk but no one buys them at that price. I got one once put it 15kk and they bought it. As for eels,pikes,perch most of the time before events i noticed they buy them for 500k each +

    Fishes such as Loach that gives invisibility Well if you ever get one i think it probably will sell 100kk because it's super rare havent seen anyone selling and if you get ne must be 1/500 times as someone said here.

    Honestly I wouldnt sell them for lower price than 450k since they are really hard to catch. It may take sometime to be sold out but I believe people who pvp will buy them. Let's be honest 450k its not much now days. :P

  • lol from 10 fish 1 clam? than my friend you are hell one of a luck in person

    back in time when i went to fish, i got from 90 fish maybe 1-4x clam (mostly was 1 or 2,really rare more ), or sometimes 0 clams

  • lol from 10 fish 1 clam? than my friend you are hell one of a luck in person

    back in time when i went to fish, i got from 90 fish maybe 1-4x clam (mostly was 1 or 2,really rare more ), or sometimes 0 clams

    Yup well today i fished like 70 fishes? not sure but i got only 2 . I think its rng. (I have the fishing manual by the way from the item shop not sure if that actually messes up any rates of getting the clams i think it doesn't)