I am getting disconnect only with my Ninja (using daggers)

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    • I am getting disconnect only with my Ninja (using daggers)

      Hi all

      I have a weird problem... when i am trying to lvl my ninja i am getting disconnect very often, its strange for me because I play with my sura too and only my ninja gets dced (This happen only when i am using daggers).

      Help pls :(
    • It probably happens because dagger hits are fast and maybe your net is weak or unstable... too many movements can cause the DC..

      Don't use Attack speed potions and stuff like that...
      Try using sword instead of daggers...
      Pick up the spot with less monsters, don't lure too many...
      Try with or without horse/mount...

      Hope some of these will help, I am sure there is plenty more options but cannot think of them right now.