DT and Number of Characters

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  • Sedentarius

    y-yes senpai. Me.. but still nothing as you see

  • Gzanu

    some one here ?

  • samlam1998

    wtb bsa+9 with ss+5/+6 or aqua with ss+5/6


    yes , but i ve never got acces to that server..... anyway... thank you...

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You got the answer yourself, if you have an older account you are not a novice, and the channel is for novices :)


    i ve never been accepted , i tried on my older account, but... never accepted..

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    There are no requests, if you can log you have been accepted, otherwise refused


    Can you please verify my account for the NOVICE server? i really want to get the acces!


    Hello there! Shadow? you are GA , no?

  • Meyana

    Love the update for DSS. Half the time I forgot to do the quest and now ive dropped about 10-12 cuts and 10+ rough. Thanks for the awesome update!

  • DonKill

    Okay Grazie exst ;)

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I already answered you, the drop is visible ingame, click on the ? near the monster's name to know which one drops what

  • DonKill

    Oh okay.. but also the monsters of metin 70 will drop cor? ( i mean in demon tower )

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As we said the drop is optimazed to grow as your level grow, so don't expect to over farm at 35

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The drops are visible ingame, make a tour of the map and analize all monster's drop information

  • DonKill

    At lv 35 where can i go to farm some alchemy?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Consider that boss and runs still doesn't have the drop active, yet

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    For those who doesn't play the game actively but just logged to do the quest, is obviously lower, but for the others is higher

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Considering that over 700 are Cut drops, which is worth like 5 Rough, the drop rate is more than doubled

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The amount of stones gained yesterday using the old quest, were little above 4300. Today, not even 18 hours later, 7389 drops from monsters.

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  • OK... So lately I've been hearing from people that you are only allowed to take 2 characters to DT, "GM told me so" type things. I have searched and searched on forums and haven't seen in any of the updates or the rules of the game where we are not allowed to bring more than 2 characters.

    I saw a post about the guy who had like 40 accounts for DT or something like that and it said to use common sense.

    My problem with this is, i usually bring 5 characters to dt, all of which are playable characters level 86 and up. I am not making 10 accounts to take with me, and not even passing smith floor most of the time..

    My question here is am i allowed to bring more than 2, as long as they arent accounts made just for DT?

    If NOT can the rules be updated? Also... if we are allowed only 2 how is this going to be managed? People only do solo dt so others dont see them bring more? Or is it up to players to report if we see someone bring 3+? Are the GMs going to be responsible to check every DT made daily to find out whos breaking the rules? (obviously sarcasm on the last one).

    Would like staff members to reply to this, and clear things up... Thank you in advance! :love:

  • I Have the Same request Like Meyana has Please tell us the rule ..
    Thanks in advance ..

  • i once talked about shadow with this, he said something like if somebody goes up with 5-6chars is ok
    if somebody goes up with 10+ or 20+ its simply abuse

    This is why we need an answer from GMs... some like you say 5-6 is ok, but others are saying no more than 2 (That they were told 2 by Tary)

  • This is why we need an answer from GMs... some like you say 5-6 is ok, but others are saying no more than 2 (That they were told 2 by Tary)

    if tary say 2 than it s2 :D

    my conversation with shadow is some months ago ^^ 
    might the rules got over talked and the fix decision is " 2 " what tary is telling

  • I remember speaking with Tary and she advises it was 2 accounts - however im unsure if thats for the events 'DT Runs' that GM's put on for us.

    It would be nice to know how many we can take when we create our own runs for our own nations :)

    Muchas love


  • I think it shouldn't be restricted so much in number of chars, of course taking many chars is an abuse but if players have more, taking only 1 or 2 seems low. I'm saying this because, as the years pass the DT smith loses its value more and more, meaning that some years ago putting for example a Battle Sword+9 or a 66 armour+9 would be crazy and now taking into account the effort and the value of those items it's a bit worthless..adding to that the fact that the Rarity system introduction took away value from most common items and that the Refine %s were increased making items +9 even more common, which are great updates for the game but decrease even further the value of these items (higher refine %s make it easier to upgrade but in the other hand put down the items price so it ends up the same). So 1/2 chars seem not to be that good considering the time put into the run and that it's a gambling process.

    The 12th floor smith is better, for sure, but again it is already restricted to items lv60- to not be abused, which I agree, so most its use it's to upgrade stuff like phoenix shoes or heaven's tear items, but the thing is considering how hard the run is and the cost you have in time, taking only 1 char seems really a bit bad and even 2 chars seems Ok but not that great considering the effort and the fact that you don't get any reward besides the smith, considering of course you don't go solo and do the run as the team wants us to do, in group with other people.

    So in my opinion 3 characters would be a reasonable max limit for chars, especially for the 6th floor smith. Most recent updates are to take away some of the grind and frustration caused by this game, which is really time demanding, so since this run is by far the one that takes more time to complete in the game and the 11th floor is so hard, it really doesn't make sense to restrict DT so much.

  • I agree and disagree with Sky....

    I dont think a limit as low as 3 is right... Almost everyone i know who regularly does DT takes 4-5 each, back on z8 i used to take 8, and still failed almost everything..

    Like what he said with common items that are usually done in DT, the prices went down a lot... Honestly i think there shouldn't be a limit; excluding 20+ per person lol

  • Both advice and rule. Whenever there are elections for the monarch the candidates demands us to check if someone voted more than 2 times. If the players consider unfair using more than 2 accounts to cast a vote, I don't see why it shouldn't be fair to use more than 2 to upgrade.

    Not to mention we had several issues with players who used a lot of accounts on DTS, from being blamed because they lagged (pointless to explain what happen to a client of Metin2 who stays idles, even more 10 clients), from being banned by our firewall because they logged out / logged in 10 accounts at the same second and from creating bugs in the runs by logging out characters on the teleportation from 1 floor to 2 floor.

    I repeat once more, we are not deaf to suggestions, if you think the Demon Tower should be changed or improved we always listen to suggestions, if they are possible and within the identity of this game, but we will never accept as solution something that involves a hords of level 40 accounts.