Mining Guide

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    • Mining Guide

      I go mining with atleast 3-5 characters at a time, Its the best way to get a lot of ores and have a better chance at succeeding the refining by having so much! :thumbsup:

      For every 100 raw ore you have a chance at making a refined ore which can be socketed into an accessory.
      For each 100 raw ore you need a spirit stone +0 +1 +2 (except diamond ore) and no higher + stone can be used.

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    • My plan is to go through new maps soon and see which ores spawn there, and add it into the thread! I dont mine new ores as much so i need to do a little research!

      Im glad you guys like it! :love:

      Edit: I went through new maps a little, mobs will attack you on all the maps while mining, ive mined some soul crystal before but you need to have to characters, one to kill mobs around while the other mines

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    • As an update on this, its so rare to find new ores on new maps, i went through with my mage and found some diamond and ebony lol...

      Also if you DO go mining on new maps you must have a character to kill mobs while you mine or else mobs will interrupt your mining and you wont get anything...

      When i have more details about spawns and what-not i will post!


    • Arin wrote:

      Great guide , Meyana !
      The pictures with alchemists from every kingdom is so useful..One day i had to run all over the place in order to find Diamond Alchemist..

      Note : Your signature photo is funny as hell xD
      Thanks!! Glad its useful, and yes, I had them made for myself already due to my memory being about the span of a goldfishs'.... lol

      And thanks, the pic was from a private server, but i love it! Makes me giggle

    • Contributing to your guide:

      Fugitives Cape Map: access from teleporter from lv 60, ability to use return scrolls and wedding ring from lv 90;
      Veins on the map: amethyst, crystal, diamond, ebony, heaven's tear, emerald, garnet, ruby, soul crystal.
      Spawns are random, for soul crystal you need to be lucky.
      From lv 90 one can use return scroll to drive monsters away from the vein.
      Possible places:

      Places with gnolls are dangerous, as they are genetically engineered to cause massive damage :D

      Thunder: access from Fugitives Cape.
      Veins on the map: heaven's tear, diamond, crystal, amethyst, emerald, garnet, ruby, soul crystal.
      Like the above, spawns are random; the same goes for mining technique in driving the monsters away.

      Nephrite: access from Fugitives Cape.
      Veins on the map: like the above two maps

      There are possible more veins near the roads. The problem consists in monster spawn in the terrain, they are scattered and difficult to be taken away.

      I did not check the last map, Gautama, as it is much to walk to reach it and finding veins difficult, i don't think is important to be added.
    • An update to this mining guide...

      If there is no alchemist for the ore that you have mined, like say Crystal, Gold, Silver etc... You can still refine it at ANY alchemist but it will only have 30% chance to success, instead of the 60% chance to success you receive from using the correct alchemist..

      Also you can refine new map ores like Soul Crystal, Ruby, Garnet etc.. at ANY alchemist as well, but for 30% chance to success.

      Hope this helps the happy miners out there!

    • Aguilaz wrote:

      Nice guide!!
      It would also be interesting if you put the aprox. price of each refined ore =)
      Refined ore prices change a lot, but lately i see them usually around the same prices...

      Most commonly sold and best way to make money;

      Soul Crystal = 7kk - 10kk
      Ebony = 1kk -1.5kk
      Heaven Tear = 1kk- 1.5kk
      Pearl = 800k - 1.2kk
      Diamond = 800k - 1.5kk

      These are just the most common prices i have seen and what i sell them for... Feel free to change if needed.

    • GentleFire wrote:

      Frist of all thanks for guide, short and good!

      I have question about respawn time of veins, do you know that? ^^
      If youre mining in the temple they can respawn 10-30 minutes, i dont think ive waited much longer than 30, and havent seen a new one spawn in under 10.... Maybe a GM could help us get it right....

      The best thing to do is take atleast 3 characters, and when there are no veins, put one on every channel; so that way when they spawn you can look on all 3 channels to see what you want to mine.

    • Meyana wrote:

      For every 100 raw ore you have a chance at making a refined ore which can be socketed into an accessory.
      For each 100 raw ore you need a spirit stone +0 +1 +2 (except diamond ore) and no higher + stone can be used.

      These have changed since guild lands have changed and updated.... Im working all weekend but will update the new refine locations next week... Goodluck all miners! :love:

    • Mugetsu wrote:

      I think you made an awesome job,especially for lowbies and new players that have just started playing this game,since minning is the2nd good way of getting money against the map2farm that's on first place(low lvl players/beginners).
      Thank you! :) I have always loved mining since i started playing metin... now all we need is guilds to make alchemists of different ores instead of everyone using heaven tear and ebony. :love:

    • yes,every guild leader is choosing pretty much the same alchemist each and every time.It would've been great if there were people that would've first check the kind of alchemists in map1 then do their own different from those.

      * NIHIL SINE DEO *

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