Sura Weapon PvM Thoughs

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    • Sura Weapon PvM Thoughs

      I started at a really recent time and I've been trying to get better at the game, learn some things. I have a friend that plays the game for a long time, since we will start a new character I am the one doing damage so he told me to go weapon sura. I've been looking up at some guids that ALL say to level up VIT then INT... But my friend said to level up 2 INT and 1 STR each time. Have you tried both? Can some1 help me on this matter? Srry if I posted this on the wrong place
    • No, you didn't post in the wrong place. 2 int- 1 str is a good idea in early levels, when you have a 34 armour with green bonuses and stones, if they are good stones, you can keep it until lvl 60-70. With a Vita stone +5 and green bonus of 1500 HP, plus ebony earrings +9, plus silver bracelet +9, you can get by quite easily. If you have Dark Shield masterized, you will get a ton of Defense out of INT.