New Guildwar System

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    • New Guildwar System

      hi guys!
      what u think about guildwars?
      i miss them pretty hard.
      its a pvp game, and only pvp here is NW, where is cancelled or something when not enough players here.

      i have in my mind to rework guildwars!
      different lvl classes like budokan maybe
      and with rewards like budokan!
      this way, i think, pvp gets more popular!

      your feedback pls!?
    • We have a completely different guild war system, with the Arena items. Yet, it is not used and it won't be used in the future. I wrote about PvP in my post PvP Model - Deep Causes for the Lack of PvP in SG Server. My post didn't start any debate (not that I was expecting any). There won't be any change in PvP in the foreseeable future. Also such a change can come only from Tec in order to force most of the players to lv up, introduce lv limitations of PvP gear and reward PvP.
    • Well you have advantage of higher lvl, bios and dss, which is huge. Also, if you have like 10 players on it's already enough and the concept is quite cool to test. And ultimately a guild war is for fun, players not joining when they don't have 100% certainty they win is the premise that kills server's PvP. We made some guild wars recently which we were sure we were going to lose but it was just for fun. If things were more balanced and we actually had a 1% chance of winning we would declare normal guild wars frequently, but since most people here are still mostly PvM it's not even funny to make a guild war against the Top2 guilds of the server considering being hard to even get 1 kill if you guys all play together and strategically, given the amount of resistances this server allows to have. But as I said you many times we're slowly building up and I'm sure that in some months we can have a stronger core of PvP players here.
    • I like the idea of customized guild wars and the suggestion was given in the past, what I'm concerned is there will certainly be lack of players to do good guild wars with a lvl range defined, I mean imagine a war with lvl range 70-90, if there's already few players in most guilds in the lv1-120 range for a war imagine in a 70-90 range for example..even worse in the lower levels range, as the time passes even less low levels make pvp. Unless the system converted the players to that lvl range only for that specific war.