Dungeon events/race/recognition

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    • Dungeon events/race/recognition

      Hello guys,

      As we have several dungeons now i came to my mind that we could promote them in some way.

      I'm speaking of an "event" thingy where people get recognition and are engorged to make dungeon runs. I would take some time and effort but we could have something like a reward/recognition/title to the group that showed the most team work or to a group of people that have come together for a dungeon for the first time etc.

      Making weeks of "dungeon" may not a bad idea alto I'm not sure.

      Something else would be a "chat channel" thing that is dedicated to people looking for a group.

      Well those are my two cents I might be sounding stupid it's 3 AM here :lol:
      In game name: Frost93
    • Hey guys,

      Please don't argue and let's all be happy.
      It's true that this time I decided to take on a gamble and try out this event.
      Meyana sent me a message few days before the event and I thought "why not?". However, UnkoJP, posted before an event suggestion and also emailed me some other details.
      I already have some thoughts about the event I tried on Anniversary and I will share them with all of you at the same time as I publish both Forum Lottery and Dungeon Masters results.

      Having said that, thanks a lot to all of you to contribute to new, nice and enjoyable events!

      Kind Regards,

      Credits: Meyana

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