asking for help

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    • asking for help

      Shadow wrote:

      We want runs to be played by at least 2 different people, fullstop. We do not consider sharing viable or a way to play a game, we consider account personal and not a pen to borrow. We are not baby sitter that must watch over your silly decision of lending items / character to stranger, just because you are too immature to think about what may happen, and just because is easy to blame the team rather than look at the mirror and see the real culprit.
      Its ok, I accept, just ask you or someone to help me or at least give some advices to find at least 1 maybe 2 other player who I can go runs with because I am strong enough, play everyday but there is nobody who would make run with unknown players... everybody has his/her own partner already and others are not enough strong or even dont know about runs or dont speak english....