Halloween Event 2017 (Thu, Nov 9th 2017 - Tue, Nov 14th 2017)

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    • Halloween Event 2017 (Thu, Nov 9th 2017 - Tue, Nov 14th 2017)

      Dear Players,

      Halloween Event is coming to our server and we are more than happy to celebrate it with all of you!
      The event will start on November 9th and will last for six days.
      You will be having a chance to enjoy many in game and forum events as usual.

      In Game Events:
      During these 6 days, Halloween Metin Stones will spawn in our server alongside with their Metin's counterparts. From these Halloween Metin Stones you will be able to obtain, among other items, Halloween Pumpkins (that can be opened with Magic Wands).
      Every monster, close to your level, will have a chance to drop Magic Wands that you will need to open Halloween Pumpkins and Curse Rings!
      These Pumkins will give you the usual Item Mall Rewards, and also a special Summon Scroll! This scroll will summon a special Halloween monsters, The Dark One, which will only drop a Levi's Ring (1000 Tec Points).

      !!!!Please read carefully the following information regarding this monster!!!!
      • Only one of the 3 Halloween Pets can harm him (You can purchase one on the Item Mall);
      • You can't spawn him on Save Zones or near obstacles, monsters, NPC, etc;
      • In case that, for some reason, the monster doesn't spawn, you are not entitled to any kind of refund;
      • We are also not responsable if your monster is killed by another player and the ring is stolen.

      In addition to this, it will be added special Halloween items to the Item Mall Shop:
      • Special Costumes;
      • Special Pets;
      • Special Mounts.

      There will also be 3 Mini Events in each day of this special celebration:
      Day 1:
      • Vein Spawn Event - 14:00
      • OX Event - 16:00
      • DT Run - 20:00
      Day 2:
      • Horse Race - 14:00
      • Metin Spawn - 16:00
      • OX Event - 20:00
      Day 3:
      • Hunter's Hour - 14:00
      • Budokan PvP Event - 17:00
      • OX Event - 20:00
      Day 4:
      • Siege War - 14:00
      • Dungeon Masters - 16:00
      • DT Run - 20:00
      Day 5:
      • OX Event - 14:00
      • Boss Spawn - 16:00
      • Find the GM - 20:00
      Day 6:
      • Gold Fever - 14:00
      • OX Event - 16:00
      • Horse Race - 20:00
      To register for the Dungeon Master Event follow this Form:

      Name of the Team:
      For this event the Dungeon that will be done will be Demon Tower (12 Floors).
      = Main Character Only Rule =
      Every player is only allowed to farm with his Main Character, which means it's forbidden to farm with any other character except your main.
      This rule exists to give a chance to every player (including the low level players) to enjoy this event.
      Explaining this rule into a little more detail, your Main Character is considered to be your highest leveled character or any lower character that is able to farm in the same Map your highest leveled character can. In this case you can choose either one of the character(s) that meet this criteria.
      Exception to the Rule: Inside of every Dungeon

      In Forum Events:
      During these 4 days of Halloween Event we will also celebrate it here on forum!
      • Day 1: Screenshot Event

      The main theme will be the best moments in the Halloween Event.
      You can edit your screenshots and those screenshots must be taken this year.
      • Day 2: Halloween Cosplay Event
      Since I never seen an event like this around here, I decided Halloween was the perfect occasion to try it out.
      So, obviously you celebrated Halloween with your friends and family, and I'm sure you had lots of fun.
      In this event all you have to do is share with us your best Pictures while celebrating Halloween, and of course, share with us the costumes your used for Halloween!
      • Day 3: Crosswords Event
      In this event, similar as the Anniversary Event, I will create a crosswords puzzle for you, in which you will have to guess the missing words!
      The first player to send me all the correct words via Private Message will win!
      • Day 4: Mining Event
      During this day you will be able to give me certain amount of certain items and I will reward you with some Curse Rings.
      You can only choose two options from each Table during the whole event, which means that if you already gave me items for Curse Rings, you cannot do it again.

      List of Ores / Rewards:
      Display Spoiler

      200Diamond2x Curse Ring
      200Fossil Trunk2x Curse Ring
      200Copper2x Curse Ring
      200Silver2x Curse Ring
      200Gold2x Curse Ring
      200Jade2x Curse Ring
      200Ebony4x Curse Ring
      200Piece of Pearl4x Curse Ring
      200White Gold4x Curse Ring
      200Crystal4x Curse Ring
      200Amethyst4x Curse Ring
      200Heaven's Tear4x Curse Ring
      200Soul Crystal10x Curse Ring
      200Ruby8x Curse Ring
      200Garnet8x Curse Ring
      200Emerald8x Curse Ring
      200Sapphire8x Curse Ring

      List of Fishes / Rewards:
      Display Spoiler

      Crucian Carp1x Curse Ring
      Mandarin Fish1x Curse Ring
      Grayling2x Curse Ring
      Carp2x Curse Ring
      Salmon2x Curse Ring
      Grass Carp3x Curse Ring
      Brook Trout3x Curse Ring
      Eel4x Curse Ring
      Rainbow Trout4x Curse Ring
      Tilapia5x Curse Ring
      Pikes5x Curse Ring
      Perch6x Curse Ring
      Tenchi6x Curse Ring
      Catfish7x Curse Ring
      Loach7x Curse Ring
      Lotus Fish7x Curse Ring
      Striped Bass7x Curse Ring
      Smelt8x Curse Ring
      Shiri8x Curse Ring
      Mirror Carp9x Curse Ring
      Gold Crucian Carp10x Curse Ring

      List of Upgrade Items / Rewards:
      Display Spoiler

      QuantityUpgrade ItemReward
      10xBear Gall1x Curse Ring
      10xBear Gall+1x Curse Ring
      10xBear Foot Skin1x Curse Ring
      10xBear Foot Skin+1x Curse Ring
      10xBear Feet1x Curse Ring
      10xWolf Fur1x Curse Ring
      10xWolf Fur+1x Curse Ring
      10xWild Boar Tooth1x Curse Ring
      10xPig Nose1x Curse Ring
      10xWhite Tiger Hide1x Curse Ring
      10xToy2x Curse Ring
      10xFacial Cream2x Curse Ring
      10xOrnamental Hairpin2x Curse Ring
      10xWhite Pigtail Ribbon2x Curse Ring
      10xWhite Pigtail Ribbon+2x Curse Ring
      10xRed Pigtail Ribbon2x Curse Ring
      10xRed Pigtail Ribbon+2x Curse Ring
      10xWorn Out Black Uniform2x Curse Ring
      10xWorn Out Black Uniform+2x Curse Ring
      10xPiece of Gem2x Curse Ring
      10xShiriken2x Curse Ring
      10xShiriken+2x Curse Ring
      10xRusty Blade2x Curse Ring
      10xBroken China2x Curse Ring
      10xFlag2x Curse Ring
      10xPiece of Broken Armour2x Curse Ring
      200xVitality Ore2x Curse Ring
      10xEsoteric Primer3x Curse Ring
      10xEsoteric Primer+3x Curse Ring
      10xOrc Tooth3x Curse Ring
      10xOrc Tooth+3x Curse Ring
      10xOrc Amulet3x Curse Ring
      10xOrc Amulet+3x Curse Ring
      10xUnknown Talisman3x Curse Ring
      10xUnknown Talisman+3x Curse Ring
      10xCurse Book3x Curse Ring
      10xCurse Book+3x Curse Ring
      10xLeaf3x Curse Ring
      10xFrog Legs3x Curse Ring
      10xFrog Tongue3x Curse Ring
      10xDemon's Gem3x Curse Ring
      10xDemon's Gem+3x Curse Ring
      10xDemon's Keepsake3x Curse Ring
      10xDemon's Keepsake+3x Curse Ring
      10xFinger Bones4x Curse Ring
      10xSpider Eyes3x Curse Ring
      10xSpider's Poison Sack3x Curse Ring
      10xSpider Egg Sack3x Curse Ring
      10xSpider Legs3x Curse Ring
      10xScorpion Tail3x Curse Ring
      10xScorpion Tail+3x Curse Ring
      10xScorpion Claw3x Curse Ring
      10xSnake Tail3x Curse Ring
      10xSnake Tail+3x Curse Ring
      10xSnakeskin3x Curse Ring
      10xSpider Web3x Curse Ring
      10xUnknown Medicine3x Curse Ring
      10xUnknown Medicine+3x Curse Ring
      10xIce Marble3x Curse Ring
      10xIce Marble+3x Curse Ring
      10xIce Killer Whale Horn3x Curse Ring
      10xPiece of Ice3x Curse Ring
      10xPiece of Fabric3x Curse Ring
      10xPiece of Fabric+3x Curse Ring
      10xYeti Fur3x Curse Ring
      10xYeti Fur+3x Curse Ring
      10xWarrior's Symbol4x Curse Ring
      10xFlaming Mane4x Curse Ring
      10xFighting Tiger Fang4x Curse Ring
      10xFishbone2x Curse Ring
      10xClam4x Curse Ring
      10xWhite Pearl4x Curse Ring
      10xRed Pearl4x Curse Ring
      10xBlue Pearl4x Curse Ring
      10xDemonic Ashes5x Curse Ring
      10xQuartz Sand5x Curse Ring
      10xMagic Seeds5x Curse Ring
      5xWater Crystal6x Curse Ring
      5xBlue Crystal6x Curse Ring
      1xScale of Aqua Dragon10x Curse Ring
      1xClaw of Aqua Dragon10x Curse Ring

      With this, we hope you had fun celebrating Halloween with your friends and family and now the time has come for us to celebrate it with you!

      Kind Regards,
      Metin2 SG Team

      - All the scheduled events for these 4 days are canceled
      - This thread may be subject to changes

      Credits: Meyana

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    • Hi, i have some questions.

      -What is the use of the Curse Rings? They are like chests and give you some item when you use a Magic Wands on it?

      -How is exactly "near" the monsters for the Summon Scroll? I mean the range. And, other thing, it only can be harmed if one has that special pet? I mean, I can't buy that pet for example, then I can't harm that mob?

      P.D: sorry for my English, I'm not native.
    • Cursed ring is used to transform other players into a mob, its just to have fun while u didnt ruin his/her gameplay.

      deathpool wrote:

      -How is exactly "near" the monsters for the Summon Scroll? I mean the range. And, other thing, it only can be harmed if one has that special pet? I mean, I can't buy that pet for example, then I can't harm that mob?

      P.D: sorry for my English, I'm not native.
      idk range.
      And about last question if u dont have the pet, you cant kill him.

    • @deathpool

      Tary wrote:

      Curse Rings are just rings you use to transform other players into monsters.
      Remember that you cannot use this to ruin the gameplay of other people.

      Kind Regards,
      As for the Summon Scroll, it means you have to summon them anywhere outside the safe zones, with no near monsters, or obstacles.
      You can buy that pet, since you can also buy Tec Point Rings in game, that allows you to buy the pet.

      P.S.: Your English is good

      Kind Regards,
      Metin2 SG Team

      Credits: Meyana

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