Nation War - February - Week 1

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  • Sedentarius

    Mighty007 what is a keyboard killer?

  • Mighty007

    really i thought the keyboard Kilers are online 24/7

  • Lacex54

    This nature2k 24/7 online on forum

  • PooKeR

    hey <3 <3

  • Moise Rares

    hey girls <3

  • Degmond

    shadow said they'd be removed, can't see a reason to rage rly

  • Lyetta

    no deary @[GM]Kovach, I didn't and won't buy the pet. Now I'm gonna cry in the corner of my room.

  • [GM]Kovach

    Lyetta if you bought the pet with tp's, you should have it in your Mall Storage!

  • bombardieru


  • Lyetta

    the pet*. Again, I'm sorry for that. I didn't even wanted to insult you at all. xD

  • Lyetta

    Overall I couldn't get the mount because the quest just expired and I rage-yelled everything and I got a very justified ban, it was a very nice event. :D

  • Tjepper

    :thumbsup: Thanks for the event

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Server on. The event is also over

  • Nicki Minaj

    lol wat

  • Moise Rares

    boy with gf looking for a 2nd one, please pm me.

  • Tjepper

    Hi :)

  • [GM]Emory

    Hello :)

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  • Moise Rares

    NNN1 ;)

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    yooo pastar <3 !

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  • damn the first time you say something thats not retarded, greater healing potions should be forbidden too. its nasty when you hit someone 20k and he doesnt die

    Why forbid greater healing pots ? Then forbid green liquids too ok ?

  • Also i suggest to make safe zone in NW map bigger and to be clearly shown, because when we are 50 people, buffers don't even have enough spot to stay in.

    if you arent pvp enough dont join. you either join or dont

    better option would be spectator mode like in guildwars

  • Theres nothing to change imo.

    I dont see the point complaining about Loach or whatever fish. Whoever wanna win should do his best, and prepare himself as good as possible in order to make his kingdom victorious.

    Till today, Nation War got used to very few people inside, and sometimes, reaching 150 points by 1 kingdom took us even 30 min. But today it took like 10 mins.

    So incase we ll have good fights like today in the future, probably the only change that can be done is to raise the number of points that makes us win.

    A 30 min Nation War but full pvp is enough for everyone I believe.

    Never gave in
    Never gave up
    Im the only thing im afraid of.


  • All I can say, it was fun. Doesn't matter lose or win / die or live.

    2nd Round was not necessary. I meant 2nd round as 2nd NW.

    Only problem was the map. First map was good, second map was a waiting playing game. I know it gets pick by the bots but maybe you can remove it from the files and patch up.

    Buffer in NW is your own responsibility it's like enter at your own risk. Make NW enter with 1 IP same as dungeons, then you wont complain about buffer dying.

    But thanks it was fun. Good job Tary. Good job all that joined.

  • The problem with the time limit is that if someone is winning by a good margin they can just go into safe zone in last minutes and they win. I don't dislike the current model, I just think that the second round should have more relevance, I remember in one nation war like 1 year ago we won first round like 750-150 and I think we lost in the second since they got many kills in lower chars and also solid 5 minutes where they were coordinated, but again this can also benefit yellows when the opposite happens.

  • It was a nice war, a true "raid" since every class joined.

    I just wanted to point out the fact that the system with 2 rounds doesn't make much sense since it was developed when there were 3 kingdoms. So even though we got more total kills in both wars, we lost both. Blues can argue that they "didn't use some boosters" in first round to speed up the process or used different tactics, but whether that can be true or not I don't think it made that much difference. What made the difference especially in the second war was killing some chars at our base in the beginning while they were half afk, but that's part of the game so no excuse for that.

    You could maintain the system of 2 rounds since when the war starts some people are still arriving and "warming-up", but at least put the second round to last up to 250-300 points and/or decrease first rounds required points to 100, that would be my suggestion.

    Removing the first round (which desqualifies the Red Kingdom may be possible.

    I think there shouldn't be any limit points, end it when the difference becomes very clear for example 100 points difference. Also grilled loach shouldn't be allowed since it's not allowed in budokan too, else imagine 100 players using loach and fighting.

    In my opinion, Budokan and Nation War cannot be compared. The first one is a 1on1 PvP Event and the other is a group event, where everyone fights everyone. So, in my opinion, invisibility items cannot be used, and very well, but in a war, I don't see why not. For you line of thought in Nation War you also shouldn't be allowed to use Red and Blue Potions because in Budokan you are not allowed to use them.

    About the difference points, I also don't agree due to the fact that sometimes the wars are between 15 players against 2, not that fair.

    The points system is the best system, in my opinion.

    Make NW every week like it was before.

    This option will not happen for the simple reason that, I once removed Siege War, and the result was that Nation War (which started to be done every week) started to be empty, specially by the Yellow Kingdom, which led me to 2 options:

    1. Making Nation War a monthly Event

    2. Bringing back Siege War every 2 weeks, making Nation War every 2 weeks as well.

    I chose the second options, and judging from the last wars, it will stay that way.

    Also i suggest to make safe zone in NW map bigger and to be clearly shown, because when we are 50 people, buffers don't even have enough spot to stay in.

    Will keep this suggestion in mind.

    On the beginning, the Nation War was done with best 2 rounds out of 3.

    The fact that is not always done, is due to the fact of the unbalance between Kingdoms.

    This last war was a great war, so it was justified to do it like it was before.

    Thanks and also thanks everyone for joining.

    remove siegewar

    The SiegeWar will stay for the same reason I stated above.

    In overall, thanks to everyone for sharing your opinions with me, as you know I will always take them in consideration and they are very important to have a better and better event.

    Kind Regards,


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  • Tary : in my opinion it would be better to remove the safezone completely since you respawn with full hp either way and this should be a pvp event, not a competetion who brings the most buffers/healers which dont even have equip

  • 25cm

    I disagree with that one, because there is always those who are there to watch and those who don't participate actively in the war, and are only there to give buffs to the active PvPers.

    The safe zone is also an important part of the map.

  • Tary : maybe there is a way to implement a spectator mode like in guildwars.

    i dont think there should be a way to allow players to help their kingdom but then have the privilege to not take the risk of dieing

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