Orc Maze Run Guide

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    • Orc Maze Run Guide

      Apply the correct amount of force, in the correct point, at the precised moment!

      Orc Maze presentation: Exclusive Dungeon: Orc Maze [Implemented 04/10/2014]

      • in order to advance inside labyrinths' portals, all monsters must be killed;
      • monsters are immune to fear;
      • the Green Ghost NPC is able to upgrade lv 30 weapons in the same way blessing scroll works.

      Strategic weaknesses of the Orc Maze Dungeon:

      • monsters in the run are aggressive, so players can gather more in less time;
      • monsters deal insane amount of damage, which can help weapon suras with mastered dark shield and reflect buff to kill them faster;
      • narrow corridors, monsters won't fly in all directions when hit.


      • a party of 2-8 players; it is the best if they belong to the same guild;
      • at least one player must be able to tank enough monsters at once (it is the best to use weapon sura for that); higher skill lv, the better;
      • at least one body warrior to help the tanker to terminate orc groups fast; higher skill lv, the better;
      • dragon buff mage, with mastered skills Blessing, Enchant Damage and Reflect;
      • (optional) light buff mage with mastered Speed of the Wind skill to increase the moving speed of all group members.

      Bonuses for tanker members of the group:

      • immune to faint;
      • faint chance on items;
      • good average damage weapon;
      • good block chance of normal hits;
      • strong against orc items (Boss only).

      Run description:
      The maze has two parts: a labyrinth consisting in three floors and a boss section with three bosses.

      1). When entering, players will have to kill all monsters. Orc seals will drop, every party member must have one. After killing all orcs, a message will appear, notifying the players portals are unlocked. Only the fastest group member must check which portal is the correct one. In order to announce the rest of the group, it is good to use guild chat.
      2). After finding the correct portal, the fastest group member must take away all monsters from the start of the second labyrinth. Then, the rest of the group can enter and start to kill. Monsters are stronger and they deal much more damage. Group cooperation must be assured, in order to save time. After, players can kill all monsters. When portals are unlocked, only the fastest group members must search which is the correct one.
      3). Third labyrinth is smaller and has less monsters compared with second one. It should not create any problems. The search for the correct portal is the same like the other two labyrinths.

      The boss section:

      1). First boss to be killed is easy. Once killed, a number of pillars will appear, one for each group member. Players must use the Orc Seal to unlock the pillars, so the Green Ghost can appear.
      At this point, the group leader can choose to continue the run or quit. I believe everyone will like to continue.
      2). Once players are teleported back in the orc city, they must be prepared to run like hell. The city is now full with aggressive strong orcs. Quickly run down the stairs, to the second orc boss. Take some mobs away, get boss in a free spot and kill it. The group will be moved to the real orc boss throne chamber.
      3). Kill the boss, get the reward and enjoy it :)

      Notice: It is possible for players to reenter in the run if they are disconnected; there is a cooldown of 60 minutes before starting next run.
      Runs were performed with lv 54 players, pretty good skills and items.

      Good luck!
    • Vyenna wrote:

      A miracle never lasts too long, changes were reversed, my previous post in here should be ignored starting from this moment.
      Dear Player,
      It wasn't a miracle, it was an unintentional gift.
      The reason why we removed the stun lock was to allow PVP without being stuck, not to make exp that much easy.
      At the moment mobs stun lock is reduced by 40% while bosses don't have it at all, so it is still pretty easy.

      Anyway, since we are trying to encourage a team-work-oriented gameplay, it was completely against our priorities to keep the update as it was, which was to make exp and dungeons so easy that you could make them alone.

      Anyway, since the Orc Dungeon is mainly thought to be done by new players and not from 2nd characters, for anyone who is new to the server remember that there is an easier version of the dungeon in our new Novice Channel.

      Kind regards,
      Respect Game and Forum rules
      Ask support on our Ticket System