Timer of costumes or duration items...

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    • Timer of costumes or duration items...

      Just like the thief gloves when u are on the timer start,when u are off the timer is off...
      Same with the costume and the duration mall items like mall glove maybe...
      Can we just activate the timer when we are in ? it's so annoying that u buy mall glove for 30days and u lose there half at least for sleeping xD
      So what do u think :D
    • Flatrox

      A Costum cost now 7200 Tec Points for 30 Days.
      When the time only run when you online, you have this Costum 144 Days when you play each day 5 hours.

      So the Costum price must increase to 34560 Tec Points. The Server need this Money. they can not give all very CHEAP to you.

      You really want to buy a Costum for around 35.000 Tec Points ? xD
      Kingdom: Asmodia
      lSilvesterKINGl (Lv115 / WeaponSura)
      lSilvesterQUEENl (Lv 115 / Archer)
      BuffMausal (Lv 100 / DragonMage)

      And ALL Characters in the Guild......GoAwayMyRoom.....(Kingdom: Elgoria) :shit:
    • Fair enough. U don't have to be unfair to get the money with my all respect..
      Besides u can make on the gloves only maybe or smth..
      All rings have a fair timer.. Except mall ones.. Isn't fair ^^
      Pple will still buy TPs to sell..everyone will buy for his other accounts maybe or something..