Things you can get a ban for, that are not mentioned in game rules

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    • Things you can get a ban for, that are not mentioned in game rules

      Hey guys,

      i'm new to metin2sg and i am happy, that the support is fast with bans and that there are no hackers/bots because of that.

      Now i read somewhere, that i am not allowed to solo demon tower or orc maze, since i would get banned for that.

      I read the game rules twice now and found no things like that.

      So first: is it true that i must not solo dungeons,
      and second: what other things am i not allowed to do, that are not mentioned in the game rules?

      all the best,
    • Bug using and exploits are strictly forbidden. The players are forced to report any bug or known exploit to the Admins. The players caught using bugs or exploits, may be suspended, permanently banned or stripped of some items at the team's discretion

      This is what you can get banned for and it is in our rules.

      What you should do is asking yourself this question. Can I go inside the Demon Tower with 1 character only? Yes

      Can I go inside with a level 30? No because i must be 40, otherwise, ban.

      Can i go inside the Orc Maze with 1 character only? No because it requires a party to enter.

      So if you somehow, manages to get in the orc maze with just 1 character, you are bug using or exploiting the system and hence you will get banned.

      Using 1 character and "soloing" may not be the same as by solo, some people may mean that you use a buffer too which is still you. But that would be using 2 characters and hence is legal.
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