What can I farm with lvl 20-35 [New / Low eq] [German/English]

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    • Simply hunt lv 5-15 metins with the gear u receive at the beginning of the game , then u will slowly have money to upgrade your helm,shield and other stuff . Once you increase your damage and defence ,start hunting for fms and level 25 metins . You will get pretty money by doing this ,at least for me it worked very well :beer:
    • Try to train every day your horse to get as fast as well a Battle Horse! Then you can lvl up to 35 and start to farm map2. I think it is the best way to get money.
      If you have the chance to lvl up 3 or 4 characters you can try to fish with all Accounts or try mining with 4 Accounts this is a good way to get money too! :)

      YouTube/MiToHDx :)
    • None of these is a realistic way of geting money.If you're trying to farm map2 with crap gear,even if you'd have hp gear and some fms or rib +9 it won't make a difference since there are tons of famers with mystic +9 gear,pvp made or simply having p skills that increase their dmg,attacking on free,or meet other kingdoms farmers farming in your kingdom's map1/2.How do I know?I once was 35too,and I used to farm map2 and I can tell you sometimes is impossible to find a metin stone,and if you find it,you'll be probably killed by one of your kingdom on free mode or by another kingdom player.Map1 isn't the same ,but it's pretty close to map's 2 situation...however,i wouldn't advise you to farm map1 bcs it's kinda hard to farm without a horse..if you truly want to farm in map 1 consider doing lv20,ask for a mount for free(good for extra speed) ,get +6 stuff like lv10/15 swprd(those 2 have more atk speed than a 20lv one, also known as broad sword),shield lv0+6|7,helm lv0 the se plus,armor lv9/18 and copper earrings(good cuz of str),both +6.
      My advice to you is to do lv30 as soon as possible,then start minning,it's more than a good way of getting money fast and easy,try to mine only diamonds,ebonies and ht's..You can do this with more than 1char.Also you can start fishing with like 4accounts,which im time,with all the practice,will get you a great amount of money..You can check Meyana's Minning guide in the GUIDES section...Gl.

      * NIHIL SINE DEO *

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    • Born2Rull wrote:

      The problem is fishing and mining aren't so profitable since clam prices and ores prices decreased alot . From my point of view farming metins remainst the best metod . I make around 8kk in a bag day and 40kk in a good one ,and i am only lv 36
      if you have a lot patience, fishing is the m ost profitable
      mining in my eye's only make you money while you farm metins, when you meet randomly a ore and mine it