Clarifications under ban Wdikas and rest accounts

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  • Clarifications under ban Wdikas and rest accounts

    Under Forum rules
    2) Post or Shouts 9. section, may i ask what for ban was? A clarifications under

    "Hello The D,

    we are considerebly tired of your attitude.
    There are several suggestions which we granted and several more which we are working on.
    Your attitude is just not good and insulting our Coma is not better.
    Even if he is too kind to ignore your continue bad remarks and insults I am not.
    You are banned for 1 week from this forum and the game as well.

    Learn some respect."

    1. What is my attitude? "your continue bad remarks." I didnt argue of anything in-game or forum past months with GA or any other GM. Can u explain this ur statment? And post anything related to that matter?
    2. Insulting Coma? Huh? Whats about this? I dont really understand there did i insult ur coma? Its starting to be problem that i view game updates going like they r now? Even ur coma prommised to add new pvp map and pets till this year begin? And what problem is that player have other thought about updates and want other updates then we currently have? Like why u even care about what player wants, its a suggestion and player personal opinion, like ur coma talked many times, in old .sg team they did what player asked and that almost bankrupt server? Like i would love that chars in-game could fly or at least jump, what would be impossible ofc to add due old game engine. Like dinding update have really huge flaw with ores in acc, cuz then u bind them and ores time run out u cant add them, so u need buy unbind scroll to add ores, then bind to dind ur acc to ur acc and repeat that every time u run of 3rd slot ore ( can i even post about this? cuz i'm insulting ur coma now cuz he added flawed update, that i would like to use but cant cuz of this flaw? aka lazy work not checking this before adding).
    3. "Learn some respect ", u mean agree to anything GA post wihout any questions? And having other point of view is resulting this what i got, even i dont understand ur statements.

    Just some clarifications under forum rules. Cuz i got this right? Or do i?
  • The D wrote:


    but shadow too lazy to add useful updates...

    like new pets ( would love if only ice dungeon boss box gave new pets, would made dungeon attractive to farm, pet skill books and so only from ice dungeon), making pvp stats to roll easier (like removing 6 vs/res class stat), remove gold limit in shops/chars ( set it to 99kkk ). And so on, lets admit archer crap and that bind stuff were mehh....

    Read this:
    [FEATURE] Fraction Wars


    The D wrote:

    kinda mehh update, but still update, maybe some1 will use it, and ofc tec support will get rid of some cases, cuz now they can use this as reason to dont help ya. Well but nvm in 1st place its ur problem that u sold item or rolled by acident not looking at it.

    Other thing is, mostly all share accounts in metin2, so this can help a lot, but ehh there is mall unbinder who unbinds without CD, so if u got tec pts u still can steal other ppls item even they are binded.

    As for me this update is useless, cuz i got 3-4 accounts that i move my items arround, so to keep them binded is kinda useless thing.

    Team should focus on game play updates more, balancing maps and re-looking some dungeons ( ice dungeon etc. ) that is barely used and abandoned. Just my oppinion about this, but as i see team has other view.

    And, directly from our Forum Rules:

    Null wrote:

    Multiple accounts per individual are not allowed unless an exception is made by the Admin.

    Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to an infraction.

    Arguing with a Game Master, Game Admin or a Moderator is not allowed. If you have any remarks to do use the PM.

    You may ask clarifications regarding a ban ingame as long as it doesn't turn into a debate and as long as you have the account's ownership. Posting for a banned member is not allowed and may lead to an infraction.

    Every 3 infractions the member will be suspended for one week from the forums.

    In special cases, and under our discretion, a member may be suspended or permanently banned without any infractions casted upon him.

    Avoiding the ban from infractions, (for example 1.1) may lead to a permanent ban from the forums.

    Members may have their ingame account/s suspended or permanently banned based on their actions on the forum or any other associated service. this includes but is not limited to every related account by IP or Email.

    Today you won't be permanently banned.
    I think that my answer is clear enough.

    Create another account and another thread and your ban will be permanent (from this forum and the game as well).

    Kind regards,
    Respect Game and Forum rules
    Ask support on our Ticket System