[SUGGESTION] Event Times

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    • [SUGGESTION] Event Times

      I know there are a lot of players who's time differs from server time..

      My suggestion is that certain events like; Vein Spawn, Ox Event, Hunter Hour, Boss Spawn, Tanaka Hunt, Find the GM and Metin Spawn are done twice the scheduled day.

      (Maybe not all of these, but some?)

      For me personally I would have to be on at 4am to participate in these events... :sleeping:
      Maybe 10am server time (as normal) and then again 12 hours later?

      I know its not possible for this to happen with all events such as National War, Siege War, and large events like that.

      Anyways, just my suggestion.... whatcha think?

    • We do OX twice a week to also reach the players with different time zones. The rest of the events would require Teirusu to not sleep so is kinda hard, but we are developing new events that can be done "solo", like a treasure hunt with hints. The best part is that the reward changes based on your rank, if you find the treasure first you get something better than finding the treasure as last.
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    • Thats sounds awesome! Cant wait to see how it turns out! :thumbsup:

      I am happy ox is done at different times as well!! I almost forgot it was;

      The only ones i would be interested in out of the list is really vein spawn and find the gm lol Mining is my way of relaxing after a long day of work or a day off (when i rarely get one!)

      Thank you for the quick reply!