BM sura lv 39 - budokan

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    • BM sura lv 39 - budokan

      Hello guys,
      i need your meanings and one question to be answered.
      i make a lv 39 budokan bm sura. the question would be: are blue potts allowed in budo??
      the question is important to get to know if i should skill Ritual of doom and apothic shield ( much mp loose) or dark strike and apothic shield.
      i like ritual of doom as skill but i want to try it with dark strike :) what are your meanings about it? maybe more than 1 answer
    • blue potions are not allowed.
      it disqualify you instantly.
      dark strike is not good skill.
      i will explain you a little bit about sura bm skills.
      the RESISTANCE you got from Aphotic shield once its turned on is the same even if it has 1 point even if it is P.
      The difference between 1 point and P is that at 1 point ur MP will waste too fast when your opponent hits you.
      My advice for your future BM sura since will be just lv 39 is that : get ROD M1 , Shadow bolt M1 and shield 1 point.
      Never gave in
      Never gave up
      Im the only thing im afraid of.

    • ok i changed my mind because i think low lv can be boring and there are already many pvp chars from other high lv. so i decided to make a mental warrior lv 85 - 96 (i am not sure yet)
      i dont really know about skilling taichi for pvp??? and what about thunder wave it is nice skill?
      i though about skilling spirit strike and tiger bash for sure. than i am not sure. if there wouldnt be the 6 th skill i would be sure.... but there is this new skill i dont really know because i havent played mental warrior for long time .... anybody can help me out? so 4 -5 skill will be M