BM sura lv 39 - budokan

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    really i thought the keyboard Kilers are online 24/7

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    This nature2k 24/7 online on forum

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    no deary @[GM]Kovach, I didn't and won't buy the pet. Now I'm gonna cry in the corner of my room.

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    Lyetta if you bought the pet with tp's, you should have it in your Mall Storage!

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    the pet*. Again, I'm sorry for that. I didn't even wanted to insult you at all. xD

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    Overall I couldn't get the mount because the quest just expired and I rage-yelled everything and I got a very justified ban, it was a very nice event. :D

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    :thumbsup: Thanks for the event

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    Server on. The event is also over

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    boy with gf looking for a 2nd one, please pm me.

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  • Hello guys,
    i need your meanings and one question to be answered.
    i make a lv 39 budokan bm sura. the question would be: are blue potts allowed in budo??
    the question is important to get to know if i should skill Ritual of doom and apothic shield ( much mp loose) or dark strike and apothic shield.
    i like ritual of doom as skill but i want to try it with dark strike :) what are your meanings about it? maybe more than 1 answer

  • blue potions are not allowed.
    it disqualify you instantly.
    dark strike is not good skill.
    i will explain you a little bit about sura bm skills.
    the RESISTANCE you got from Aphotic shield once its turned on is the same even if it has 1 point even if it is P.
    The difference between 1 point and P is that at 1 point ur MP will waste too fast when your opponent hits you.
    My advice for your future BM sura since will be just lv 39 is that : get ROD M1 , Shadow bolt M1 and shield 1 point.

    Never gave in
    Never gave up
    Im the only thing im afraid of.


  • you are sure with your definition of apothic shield? i think there is a big difference in the damage reduce with apothic shield 1 or P

  • I am sure.
    the only thing that can improve the RESISTANCE from aphotic shield is INT.
    The higher INT is the HIGHER resistance it gives.


    Never gave in
    Never gave up
    Im the only thing im afraid of.


  • ok i changed my mind because i think low lv can be boring and there are already many pvp chars from other high lv. so i decided to make a mental warrior lv 85 - 96 (i am not sure yet)
    i dont really know about skilling taichi for pvp??? and what about thunder wave it is nice skill?
    i though about skilling spirit strike and tiger bash for sure. than i am not sure. if there wouldnt be the 6 th skill i would be sure.... but there is this new skill i dont really know because i havent played mental warrior for long time .... anybody can help me out? so 4 -5 skill will be M

  • i think taichi on g1 can be nice to not fall down .... and the other would be spirit strike tiger bash // sword strike ?? thunder wave?? or better lion stomp? or no taichi and the 5 damage skills?