[FEATURE] Mining

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    • i don't agree since the chance to succes is low enough so that means we'll get "not so many" from the points we so much diserve. Secondly,it wouldn't be fair for the guys who really have/had a hard time farming soul crystals and the others you mentioned,plus you're a high lvl,you've got the money to buy them,you can't just ask for the easy way...not even lowbies have an easy job farming map2 metins.
      Therefore my answer is NO.

      * NIHIL SINE DEO *
    • By your way of thinking, we shouldn't get anything new, because some people used to put more effort before. Furthermore, how do you know i am high level and how do i make my money? Maybe that's my farming. Thus, it could make more people to farm this way since metins are overfarmed.
    • Im not gonna change my mind,and don't get me wrong , it's not personal.You say that Im against getting anything new which I didn't mean in the previous post,Im just saying it's obvious you want it for personal reasons not for an entire community needs.Furthermore, you're first point underlined an idea that's unjust to many farmers that do mine for a living if i can call it that why,since succesful chance is so low against the fail one.Anyway,who knows,maybe most of the players will share your thoughts and your suggestion will be accepted by the staff.Gl with that.

      * NIHIL SINE DEO *
    • Shadow wrote:

      As for the aggro monsters you can lure them away with your buff (since all players are married to their buff) and mine while she get ganged.
      I am married with my real girlfriend e.e Am I the only one? <-< (True that She is dragon mage, but It's not mine jajaj)

      Whatever, -1 to this suggestion

      Shadow wrote:

      The pickax can't downgrade anymore, so is not need a boost on the points as now is incredible easier to upgrade it compared to the past.
      You said all here xD