Trade [Titan Shield+9] and [DHA+4] [ss+5 5Stats]

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    • Trade [Titan Shield+9] and [DHA+4] [ss+5 5Stats]

      I'm trading:

      -Titan Shield+9 (lv81 Shield with 10% Avg Res): 5 Stats to roll

      -DHA+4 [lv90 PvM War Armour]: Stats:[1,5k HP | 10%ArrowRes | 10AbsHp] - Stones [Def+5 | Eva+5 | Vita+5]

      I'm looking for:
      -FMS+9 42+ AvG with ss+5
      -Warrior Armour lvl 48-54-61 with ss+5 and Stats
      -Lv61 Shield with Faint - 10/15 Block [5-8%avg or Common]

      Reply here with your offert and your IGN
      Pm in Game: Aoshi

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