Buy 5% skill gear 'n other stuff.

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    • Buy 5% skill gear 'n other stuff.

      -Golden, Bronze, Jade, Ecstasy, Nimbus, Pheonix OR Firebird Shoes / Boots, without any bonuses / crap ones ( for which I won't pay too much extra gold) with 5% skill resist rarity.
      -20x Sun-zi sb's - 450k each.
      -20x Reflect Damage sb's - 150k each.

      Leave here your in-game name + kingdom or in pm andI will try to reach you within 24 hours.

      Check my Sell Thread too, maybe you need anything. Sell DWC+9, PvP 41helm, Ecstatic shoes.
      The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.